Leading Fleet Management Software Provider Integrates Vision Technology To Ensure Safer Roads

2021-08-16 15:15 1305

CANBERRA, Australia, Aug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Seeing Machines, the advanced computer vision technology company that designs AI-powered operator monitoring systems to improve transport safety, announces that EROAD will integrate Seeing Machines' Guardian technology into its fleet management software to help combat driver fatigue and make roads safer.


EROAD is a leading transportation technology company that offers fleet management software and products designed to improve driver safety, manage vehicle fleets and reduce costs associated with driving.

Seeing Machines' world-leading Guardian technology utilises face and eye tracking algorithms to detect fatigue and distraction, allowing proactive intervention before a risky driving incident occurs. According to Seeing Machines' research, in-cab alerts reduce fatigue by upwards of 60 percent, and 24/7 monitoring centre analysis and intervention decreases the occurrence of fatigue by an additional 30 percent to achieve a reduction in fatigue related driving events of more than 90 percent.

Steven Newman, CEO of EROAD said: "Our mission at EROAD is to help every community enjoy safer, more productive roads. We're all about improving fleet safety through better driver behaviour and the integration of Seeing Machines' Guardian technology will help us achieve that.

"Seeing Machines' Guardian safety technology is set to become a vital element in the MyEROAD portal to ensure safer and more sustainable outcomes for fleet operators and drivers."

The integration of this technology will provide operators with a single tool for managing video telematics where previously there were two separate managing systems, making it easier for fleet managers to prioritise actionable insights from data as well as developing a greater understanding of the risks associated with their fleet and coach drivers.

Seeing Machines' Guardian technology is being used in over 26 countries to protect drivers and their assets, and with 80 percent of all Heavy Transport ERUC in NZ being purchased through EROAD, they have witnessed the growing adoption of Guardian by this industry and were quick to get on board.

Paul McGlone, CEO of Seeing Machines said: "We are very happy to be partnering with EROAD. Our Guardian technology has seen expanding global penetration into long haul and heavy transport fleets and will be a huge benefit to EROAD users not only in New Zealand, but Australia and America as well. The Seeing Machines purpose is to get everyone home safety so we are closely aligned with EROAD as both companies take pride in helping make roads safer, knowing this integration will help achieve that.

With strategic growth and partnerships like this EROAD continues to contribute to safer roads through the delivery of products and services to transport operators and drivers throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Seeing Machines
Seeing Machines Limited (LSE: SEE), is an industry leader in vision-based monitoring technology that enable machines to see, understand and assist people. Seeing Machines' technology portfolio of AI algorithms, embedded processing and optics, power products that need to deliver reliable real-time understanding of vehicle operators. The technology spans the critical measurement of where a driver is looking, through to classification of their cognitive state as it applies to accident risk. Reliable "driver state" measurement is the end-goal of Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) technology. Seeing Machines develops DMS technology to drive safety for Automotive, Commercial Fleet, Off Road and Aviation. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Australia, the Company has offices in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia, and supplies technology solutions and services to industry leaders in each market vertical.

EROAD Limited (ASX: ERD; NZX: ERD) ("EROAD") purpose is safer and more sustainable roads. EROAD develops and markets technology solutions to manage vehicle fleets, support regulatory compliance, improve driver safety and reduce the costs associated with operating a fleet of vehicles and inventory of assets. EROAD has a proven SaaS business model and is experiencing continuing growth in installed units and revenue. EROAD has operations in New Zealand, North America and Australia with customers ranging in size from small fleets through to large enterprise customers. For more information visit

Source: Seeing Machines Limited
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