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World's Only Clamp-on Steam Meter

BERLIN, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- FLEXIM is pleased to announce its development of the one and only, ultrasonic clamp-on steam meter. This has been years in the making as it was FLEXIM's ultimate challenge, until today. The worldwide official release date of the FLUXUS ST was November 1, 2019.

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The FLUXUS ST measuring system offers the same advantages as FLEXIM's flowmeter series FLUXUS. This meter series is known for its reliable and accurate flow measurement from outside the pipe. In addition, there is no wear and tear and no pressure loss making it thus making these meters maintenance-free. FLEXIM meters allow for an easy installation process since cutting the pipe is not needed, and operation and supply remain unaffected. Thanks to its exceptionally high measuring dynamics, the acoustic measuring method is highly sensitive even at very low flow velocities. With FLUXUS ST, it is possible to capture all steam usage from very low to very high flow rates with one-meter size.

FLUXUS ST measures volume and mass flow of saturated and superheated steam at temperatures up to 180 degrees C / 356 degrees F. The clamp-on ultrasound system is available as both a permanent and a portable meter: FLUXUS G721 ST is a permanent flow meter for steam and offers a variety of digital communication interfaces such as Profibus, Modbus RTU, TCP, and others.

The FLUXUS G601 ST portable meter is suitable for all flow and energy applications found within the industry. In addition, it offers a veritable multi-tool for maintenance and energy managers: in addition to steam, the measuring system can also measure liquids, gases, compressed air, and heat.

FLEXIM will continue to push boundaries and set the standards as they look to the future for new and exciting challenges to conquer ahead.

FLEXIM is the technology and market leader in the field of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters, real-time concentration and density monitoring, process analytics, and inline refractometry. Our clamp-on ultrasonic measurement systems, FLUXUS, measure liquids, and gases. FLEXIM offers the best measurement solutions for any industrial application and media in every industry.

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FLEXIM FLUXUS ST Steam Meter: Permanent and Portable
The World's Only Clamp-On Steam Meter: FLUXUS ST. Reliable and non-invasive steam measurement. High dynamic flow range. Easy and cost-efficient retrofit. No risk of leakage, no pressure loss. Integrated mass flow measurement.

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