LG SIGNATURE Showcases Premium Blend Of Art And Technology In The Heart Of London

London Design Festival Sets the Stage for LG SIGNATURE Exhibit and Compelling Conversation on the Relationship at the Core of Quality Design
2019-09-19 23:06 1356

LONDON, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- LG SIGNATURE hosted the Masters' Talk, an exclusive lecture and panel discussion highlighting the close relationship between art and technology, at this year's London Design Festival. The premium brand invited acclaimed practitioners from various disciplines to share their insight into how the two elements are inextricably linked. Participating in the London Design Festival for the first time, LG SIGNATURE also showcased the uncompromising design and advanced functionality that has made its luxury home appliances a must-have for discerning consumers around the globe.

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Led by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, the husband-and-wife team behind renowned architecture firm, Studio Fuksas, the lecture explored a future made brighter and more elegant by contemporary architecture. The informative talk shed light on Studio Fuksas' design philosophy and its distinctive architectural creations. And the Fuksas' sage words resonated with the young audience members, inspiring them to pursue their passion for good design.

The high-profile panel discussion, which took place after the lecture, saw Massimiliano Fuksas join Antoine Preziuso, the widely respected and celebrated independent watchmaker; Matt Clark, visual artist and founder of London-based collective United Visual Artists (UVA); and Chung WookJun, head of Home Appliance & Air Solution Design Lab., LG Electronics. In line with the LG SIGNATURE brand theme, Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art, the discussion focused on the strong connection between art and technology, touching on modern masterpieces that exemplify this organic relationship, the continuing impact of these works on contemporary design, and their implications on future trends as well.

"It is absolutely true that technology, especially when it reaches a certain level that cannot be imitated, does really become a part of the beauty and the value. LG SIGNATURE products, the integration of most advanced technology and design, are of great beauty and beauty is a promise of happiness," said Antoine Preziuso, the bespoke timepiece maker who is highly revered for his revolutionary triple tourbillon design, which maintains timekeeping accuracy to within less than a second. The watchmaker's legendary series incorporating meteorite fragments serves as a compelling argument in support of his position.

Experts at merging form and function for greater utility and sustainability, the Studio Fuksas team, which collaborated with LG SIGNATURE for the design of its exhibition space at IFA 2019, stressed its belief in the value of architecture that combines beauty with advanced technology. "True masterpieces are about perfect harmony between the beauty you want to create and technology that was carefully measured to capture that moment of art, giving people a glimpse of something that it truly great, better than that they ever imagined."

Providing insight into how art and technology will intersect in the future, visual artist Matt Clark emphasized the importance of essence, "Just like LG SIGNATURE OLED TV can be used as a kind of light-emitting canvas, art and technology will continue to work together, opening up a whole new area of potential. Although the technology constantly changes, the most important thing is the concept, essence that's meant to be communicated."

Chung WookJun, head of Home Appliance & Air Solution Design Lab., LG Electronics, also offered his valuable input, contributing to the discussion from an industrial design perspective. Of the opportunity to share the stage with noted luminaries in their respective fields, Chung said, "We instinctively strive for the best combination of functionality and aesthetics, creating innovative products that let users enjoy new ways of living – solutions such as our voice-control-enabled refrigerator and the rollable TV, which has a screen that literally rolls up and down. I'm very optimistic that the ultimate value created by the fusion of art and technology will change the world and the spaces we live in for the better."

LG SIGNATURE's exhibition space for London Design Festival was designed in collaboration with Wallpaper*, the U.K.-based design, fashion and lifestyle publication. Located in historic Somerset House, the dramatic exhibit allowed visitors to see the latest range of LG SIGNATURE products alongside a series of stunning sculptures sharing the ultra-premium brand's minimalist aesthetic. The latest range of LG SIGNATURE products includes the OLED TV W, French Door Refrigerator and Bottom-freezer Refrigerator, Wine Cellar, Washer & Dryer, Air Purifier and Air Conditioner.

LG SIGNATURE is the first ultra-premium brand across multiple product categories from global innovator LG Electronics. Catering to the most discerning consumers, LG SIGNATURE is designed to provide a state-of-the-art living experience that feels pure, sophisticated and luxurious. Combining the very best of everything LG has to offer, the distinctive LG SIGNATURE products were designed with their true essence in mind – streamlined to focus on each product's essential function while maintaining the LG SIGNATURE's modern, signature design.