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Lifeng Liu delivered a speech on Peking University 120th Anniversary

2018-05-15 18:32

HONG KONG, May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As the alumnus of Peking University, Lifeng Liu, Chairman and CEO of Ipsos China, was invited to Peking University 120th Anniversary and made a speech on the salon of School of New Media.

Lifeng liu, Chairman and CEO of Ipsos China, was invited to Peking University 120th Anniversary and made a speech on the salon of School of New Media.
Lifeng liu, Chairman and CEO of Ipsos China, was invited to Peking University 120th Anniversary and made a speech on the salon of School of New Media.

Based on his rich experience in the fields of market consulting, communication and statistics, Lifeng shared his opinion on Tech-Driven Evolution in Digital Marketing.

Lifeng indicated that in the past few years, technology in China develops rapidly: China internet companies and unicorn companies boom fast; technology patent application shoots up and government introduces polices and regulations to promote technology development. Based on these, Chinese Internet economies is bound to soar to new heights.

In Chinese digital marketing age, Lifeng introduced three key phenomena: New Retail, Social Network and Digital Marketing.

New Retail represents a trend of online merging seamlessly with offline, by leveraging mobile payments, wireless internet, sensors and AI. In the past, retail pays more attention on "space(store)". A merchant needs to rent a good place to attract consumers shopping there. While New Retail extends the consumption space and improves the consumers' experience.

Social Network now dominates media. According to the date of Trend Watch, in the age of digital marketing, 72% users start with mobile phones just after waking up. About 77.7% users hold their mobile phones even in bathrooms. WeChat and Weibo users are motivated by interaction and relationship; while Toutiao, a content creation platform, motivates users by interesting content. WeChat Moment becomes a powerful precision marketing platform, leveraging users' behavioral tags. It could strengthen the emotional bonding between brands and consumers. Weibo is well known for KOLs' value monetization. Based on Weibo's Report, KOLs earned $3.26 billion in 2017.

With the development of Internet, China has entered the era of Digital Marketing. Brands and advertisers now leverage more and more data intelligence to take precision marketing and consumer acquisition.

A new type of TV, launched by Baidu DUEROS and TCL and powered by AI, greatly enriches the concept of TV shopping. When you are watching a film at home, you could speak to the TV. Then DUEROS could recognize the scenery, and even provide you a travel plan. While entertaining consumers, brands also have acquired consumers successfully.

Lifeng said: "Driven by technology, consumers' lifestyles have changed dramatically, and consumption spaces become boundless. By leveraging data intelligence, advertisers could market their brands and manage consumers' experience much more smartly than ever."

Lifeng not only shares his worthy experience with outstanding young professionals and college students on social platforms or by giving lectures, also appreciates talent cultivation. In 2011, he founded "Lifeng Cup" in Beijing Technology and Business University to encourage students to think critically and explore independently. This move lays a solid foundation for training and transportation of market research talents.

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