M800 Limited Launches New Groundbreaking UIKit at MWC 2018

Leading CPaaS provider M800 Limited announces the release of M800 UIKit, a new game-changing tool for developers to easily integrate communication functions into their product applications.
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HONG KONG, March 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- M800 Limited officially announced at Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC 2018), that it has launched its latest product - the M800 UIKit, dramatically lowering the entry barrier for developers to create well-made applications.

M800 Limited announces the release of M800 UIKit at Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC), a new tool for easily integrating communication functions into product applications.
M800 Limited announces the release of M800 UIKit at Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC), a new tool for easily integrating communication functions into product applications.

The M800 UIKit helps save resources in creating user interface, allowing developers to easily integrate communication SDKs into their applications. This shortens development time and speeds up the go-to-market of the devices.

Providing ready-made UI components, the new product allows developers to plug-and-play with different items when developing their mobile and web application projects. The fully functional and customizable layer of visual elements can be easily integrated into any mobile application and adjusted for customer's needs, such as matching company branding and style guide.

As a product developed by M800, the company's new UIKit is powered by carrier-grade voice and chat features that are backed by strict SLA in security, reliability and 24/7 assist functions. It also provides data-capturing for big data and customer relationship management.

"The M800 UIKit will be a game-changer for both M800 and developers," Steven YAP, Chairman, and CEO of M800 Limited. "We constantly listen to our customers' needs and continuously improve our products to be ahead of the industry. The release of M800 UIKit is transformative and will equip developers with the necessary tools they need to create a better product. "

Tightly coupled with M800 UIKit is the M800 Communication SDK Suite, a complete SDK package for businesses to transform their applications by enabling communication capabilities. The suite includes Voice & Video SDK, Instant Messaging SDK, Group Call SDK and Verification SDK.

M800 Limited is currently at MWC 2018, the world's number one tech exhibition. With its theme for the year - "Empowering Future Communications", the company is showcasing its newest developments.

Alongside the M800 UIKit is the leading customer service live support platform, liveConnect, which is revolutionizing the customer service industry by providing end-users and agents a flexible way to contact each other via multiple communication channels.

Also at MWC is the award-winning white-label communication application and SDK communication suite featured through M800 partners Cinatic and POMO, as a part of their IoT showcase.

About M800 Limited

M800 is a leading global CPaaS provider that provides a cloud based application layer that runs through a globally distributed network infrastructure, allowing businesses to quickly and easily integrate carrier-grade quality of calling, texting, and other real-time communication functions.

M800 is a one-stop communication solutions provider, equipped with strict service quality and guaranteed SLA. Businesses that partner with M800 has cost saving and fast time-to-market. Businesses save on development time and resources as they do not have to build any physical network infrastructure to deploy high-quality communication solutions at high speed. M800 solutions are also hassle-free, allowing businesses to get continuous updates and upgrades for all OS versions and multiple devices.

M800 portfolio of solutions includes the OTT White-Label Communication Suite, SDK Communication Suite, and the integrated customer success solution - liveConnect.

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