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HONG KONG, July 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- maaiiconnect, a leading all-in-one customer engagement and collaboration solution, today announces a brand new integration with one of the world's most popular messaging platforms, Facebook Messenger. Through the new integration, businesses can use the maaiiconnect omnichannel platform to streamline their communication channels in one dashboard to instantly and directly reply to messages from Facebook users without delay.

maaiiconnect supports Facebook Messenger, connecting businesses with over 1.6 billion active Facebook Messenger users worldwide.
maaiiconnect supports Facebook Messenger, connecting businesses with over 1.6 billion active Facebook Messenger users worldwide.


With over 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger, it's clearly one of the preferred channels for business interactions. This new integration connects directly to maaiiconnect's live chat feature, creating new customer chats within the maaiiconnect all-in-one interface. Customers can either message a business directly through its Facebook Business Page, or businesses can create Facebook ads with the "messages" objective to achieve interactive conversions.

According to a recent research, 97% of businesses have sped up their digital transformation plans due to COVID-19[1], and social distancing has also changed the way customers wish to communicate with brands. Businesses worldwide are facing a huge influx of customer messages and calls, causing 92% of businesses to plan on adding more communication channels in the next few months[2]. To cope, businesses are needing to utilise new technology with backend systems for true omnichannel communication management that elevates the customer experience, supports staff time management, and centralises data and workflow.

Facebook Messenger joins the growing list of digital and telecom channels on maaiiconnect, alongside crystal-clear voice call, video and conference call, live chat, virtual number, and SMS messaging etc. With a clear mission to provide a complete customer experience solution to businesses of all scales and sizes, maaiiconnect empowers customer service teams to share videos, photos, and files in real-time to their customers' preferred channels. The intelligent routing feature further adds an unrivalled level of personalisation with every interaction as each customer is systematically routed to the most relevant customer service agent based on a specific language, time zone, and preference.

Customer data is aggregated to give a 360 degree view of everyone engaging with a brand across each touch point. Businesses can utilise maaiiconnect's insights and reports to analyse their customers' behaviour and communication trends to provide better customer experiences with higher conversion rates. When customers initiate a chat or call, agents can view their past chat history and entire customer journey through the real-time dashboard. Creating personalised experiences becomes straight-forward and natural by leveraging data, and maaiiconnect's smart routing connects customers to agents based on past interactions to ensure the best quality of service.

maaiiconnect is backed by a 24/7 industry-certified security team and suite of monitoring tools, as well as by a proprietary infrastructure and network that is 100% compliant with telecommunications and international security standards. Together maaiiconnect guarantees world-leading standards in data encryption, compliance, backup, and authentication.

Hong Kong customers have been shifting spending online rapidly due to offline retail disruptions, with local e-commerce revenue soaring 23% year-on-year and the number of consumers shopping online set to reach 81% by 2024[3]. Omnichannel communications is the only choice for modern businesses to transform customer experience. Utilising omnichannel technology not only improves staff productivity and efficiency, but increases customer loyalty, brand visibility, sales conversion, and provides better analytics for strategic planning.

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