Maimo launches the stylish smartwatch Watch R worldwide

2022-06-27 15:00 1055

SHANGHAI, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Maimo, the international smart wearable products company which was founded by company 70mai, unveiled the new smartwatch - Maimo Watch R.

The Watch R is a stylish and well-designed smart watch that has 6 unique colors, 100+ creative watch faces, with powerful fitness and health tracking features that gives users a whole fashionable and advanced smart wearing experience.

Fashion & Ergonomic Design:

Offered in 3 watch colors: Black, Ivory, Navy together with additional 3 eye-catching strap colors: Pumpkin, Olive and Cornflower, Watch R matches any fashion and fitness users' personality or style.

The stainless steel finish is designed for a shiny and high-end look, and is also more resistant to scratches. The PA+GF back case is made of bio-based plastic filled with polyamides and fiberglass for better scratch-resistance and anti-allergic performance.

With innovative ergonomic design in a slim and light watch body, Watch R ensures optimal comfort no matter how someone move their hand.

Personalized Functions

Users can customize watch faces with 100+ options and even set their own photo as their watch face. 

MaiDay AI Assistant will remember user habits and prioritize needed features; it will learn better as its worn.

Strong Fitness & Health Functions:

With 116 sports modes with automatic workout detection (applies to certain modes) together with 5-ATM water resistance and built-in GPS (GPS version), Watch R allows a whole advanced and accurate smart wearing experience.

It could work as a health monitor with heart rate & stress monitoring. The smartwatch can even monitor SpO2 level while wearers sleep. With water intake reminder & women's health reminder, it stays in touch everyday, both in heart and mind.

Other Handy Features:

Once connected to the Maimo Fit app, users can ping their phone and control phone cameras or music remotely. 

With one charge, Watch R could serve 12 days long. And with notification & calendar synchronization, events won't be missed.

Pricing & Availability

Available from 27th June at AliExpress: for $48.99 & $58.99

About Maimo

Maimo focuses on smart wearable products and was founded by Xiaomi ecosystem company 70mai. We are inspired to make smart wearables that 'Fit Better' to people's life from the functional to emotional levels.


Source: Maimo