Manz AG developed a breakthrough production solution of panel-level packaging to seize the growth of automotive semiconductor

2023-05-23 06:00 2659
  • Panel Level Packaging production solutions drive scale production of newly architecture automotive ICs
  • Dedicated Total Fab Solutions build high-efficiency production lines for FOPLP from pilot line to mass production solutions
  • Build best-in-class Cu-plating uniformity and high current density to increase yields and throughput

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Manz AG, a global high-tech engineering company with a comprehensive technology portfolio, showcases its high-density packaging production solutions at the SEMICON Southeast Asia 2023 on May 23-25 in Penang, Malaysia. The participation of this exhibition reflecting the company's focus on a total production solution of high-density packaging technologies that fulfill the high global demand for automotive chips. Highlighted within the Manz booth will be recent advancements in developing leading-edge Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging (FOPLP) solutions for ensuring higher efficiency and lower manufacturing cost.

Manz has built the industrial largest 700 x 700 mm process area FOPLP redistribution layer (RDL) production lines. Combined with this work, the company provides Total Fab planning from customized process development, equipment construction to the integration of upstream and downstream manufacturing production lines. The full range of service helps automotive chipmakers facing the critical technological challenges of fine-pitch copper line formation in redistribution layers of FOPLP process. These innovative solutions satisfy the demand for high production yields, excellent Cu-plating uniformity and high-density packages to deliver high performance power management ICs for electric vehicles. With our full strength to drive FOPLP production solutions forward, we assist customers to pursue breakthrough production methodology as well as ESG targets by increasing energy efficiency, and waste reduction.

Manz leveraging an open-architecture and modular design concept provides a comprehensive technology portfolio fulfilling the requirements of RDL process optimization and the flexibility to fit different stages of FOPLP production expansion. Seeing the huge growth of global automotive chip demand, Manz's production solutions transform FOPLP as the prevailing technology in the advanced packaging market. 

FOPLP increases the performance of PMICs

Electric vehicle architectures are rapidly evolving to accommodate high power density devices, multiple power electronics and controller ICs. Manz RDL technology provides high density of fine pitch metal interconnects that redistribute the I/O access to integrate multiple dies into one single package. With the line width and spacing (L/S) specification of 5/5µm ranges, enable a significant reduction in thickness, weight, and manufacturing costs of the packaging while performing complex pattering and complicated layers design to satisfy high density packaging requirements.

PMIC Packaging made by Manz FOPLP production line
PMIC Packaging made by Manz FOPLP production line

Excellent uniformity, high thickness and fast speed of Cu-plating increase production yields plus assist customers for ESG targets

The newly developed electroplating process ensure electroplating panel surface uniformity at 92%, the Cu thickness could reach ≧100 μm which increase chip density, heat dissipation and a high current density of up to 5 ASD to ensure higher process speed to boost overall manufacturing capacity. With unique automatic gentle handling and jig-free vertical electroplating systems, which can save the material purchase cost, as well as reduce the consumption of electroplating chemicals and the cost of maintenance to help customers achieving ESG targets.

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Source: Manz Taiwan