Maoyan's WeChat Mini Program Hits 250 Million Users, a Quarter of China's Web Users

2019-09-02 11:05 6850

BEIJING, Sept. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Maoyan Entertainment ("Maoyan" or "the Company") (Hong Kong: 1896), a leading platform providing innovative Internet-empowered entertainment services in China, today announced that the number of users of Maoyan's WeChat mini program reached 250 million, a 50 million increase from the beginning of 2019.

According to the 44th Statistical Report on the Internet Development in China by China Internet Network Information Center, the number of Internet users reached 854 million as of June 2019, which indicates that Maoyan's WeChat mini program has been adopted by more than a quarter of total Internet users in China.

Since the launch of Maoyan's WeChat mini program in 2017, it has grown from a ticketing and information channel to a signature platform for Maoyan's comprehensive growth strategy to satisfy people's needs in entertainment and to support the whole entertainment industry. Based on WeChat's massive user base as a social platform, Maoyan's mini program pioneered a reverse marketing strategy to acquire users and help Maoyan's film distribution and promotion business.

Marketing tactics of Maoyan's WeChat mini program include "Super Day" single film promotion, ticket lotteries, film-related products sales, and summer holiday sales. Moreover, Maoyan's WeChat mini program has partnered with over 4,000 domestic theaters on discount tickets, expanding the service coverage of its WeChat mini program.

Unlike the traditional marketing and sales model, where the number of active users decreases in the process of displaying, clicking, visiting, consulting and purchasing, the reverse marketing strategy of Maoyan's WeChat mini program requires WeChat users to spread content to more users in order to enjoy discounts, realizing a meteoric user growth.

Adhering to Maoyan's comprehensive growth strategy, Maoyan's WeChat mini program has also made a well-recognized contribution to the distribution and promotion of multiple films.

With the development of mini programs, the long-term ecosystem partnership between Maoyan and WeChat established a new strategic platform to generate user traffic for Maoyan, marking a successful starting point of Maoyan's partnership with Tencent to support the whole entertainment industry. Tencent will provide support to the future development of Maoyan in terms of music, video, cloud service, and payment.

Aside from WeChat mini program, Maoyan continues to establish a multi-platform mini program ecosystem with mini programs for Baidu, Toutiao and Tik Tok, strengthening the capability of distribution and promotion for partners in the entertainment industry.

About Maoyan Entertainment
Maoyan Entertainment (Hong Kong: 1896) is a leading platform providing innovative Internet-empowered entertainment services in China. Since its inception, Maoyan has grown from an online movie ticketing service provider to an innovative one-stop platform for entertainment services. Maoyan has a comprehensive strategy to become a leading platform servicing the entire entertainment industry in China. The upgraded strategy is supported by five key platform pillars: online ticketing platform, products and services platform, data platform, marketing platform, and funding platform.

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