MASH GROUP joins the fast-growing logistics hub Goodman Joso

2023-11-20 11:00 2093

TOKYO, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Goodman Joso is emerging as an important consumer and logistics hub with leading apparel company MASH GROUP, the latest customer to agree a major lease at the state of the art facility. 

Goodman Joso - external, internal and rooftop garden images
Goodman Joso - external, internal and rooftop garden images

Spanning 174,000 square metres across five stories, Goodman Joso is strategically located adjacent to the Joso Interchange on the Ken-O Expressway, ensuring easy access to consumers in the Greater Tokyo area and beyond. MASH GROUP will be leasing an entire floor of 34,750 sqm in the building which sets new standards for the industry in terms of innovation, sustainability and wellness.

The facility's innovative design and sustainability features include:

  • A solar power system with 4.25MW of capacity, which generates enough electricity to power the entire property
  • Advanced battery storage with capacity of 3.8MW, enabling the storage of excess solar energy for use during peak demand periods
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that support the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation
  • Dedicated employee amenity and lounge area connected with an outdoor terrace and courtyard, providing a comfortable working environment
  • Collaborative working space and shared meeting rooms
  • Wellness and exercise zones
  • BELS (ZEB) certification, which is the highest possible rating for energy performance in Japan
  • The facility has also earned the top CASBEE S certification for sustainable building practices.

"The exceptional quality and innovative design of Goodman Joso are a great match for MASH GROUP with its focus on "Wellness Design" to enrich people's lives," said Angus Brooks, CEO of Goodman Japan. "With its accessibility to a vast consumer base of tens of millions and its excellent employee amenity, Goodman Joso offers a base for companies like MASH GROUP which is dedicated to the pursuit of superior service through a forward-thinking business approach."

Mr. Hisatake Iwaki, Executive Officer and General Manager of Production Control Division at MASH Style Lab commented, "Our group embraces a corporate philosophy of 'Wellness Design' and is dedicated to achieving 'Carbon Neutrality' while promoting 'Wellness Design for People and Society,' all with the goal of bringing smiles to people worldwide.

We are excited to launch the MASH GROUP Joso DC at environmentally certified Goodman Joso. This expansion is part of our strategic efforts to grow our business and enhance our logistics capabilities. The decision was driven by the alignment between Goodman Joso's advanced sustainability initiatives and our core philosophy, as well as their strong commitment to the wellbeing of workers.

We consider the consolidation and optimisation of our logistics network as a substantial step toward reducing our environmental footprint by cutting CO2 emissions. Furthermore, this new distribution centre enables us to offer effective solutions in various aspects of our business, including centralized inventory management for customer convenience and creating a better working environment for our employees and business partners."

In addition to its excellent logistics offerings, Goodman Joso is also part of 'Agriscience Valley Joso', a brand new mixed-use development that has already brought over one million visitors and community members to the site since opening six months ago. The amenities located just next door include a Tsutaya bookstore, café, playground, restaurant, retail, spa facilities, and an urban park, providing a variety of offerings for employees and the local community. In addition, Goodman Joso is easily accessible with dedicated bus routes to nearby train stations, serving the community as well as the employees who are part of the large labour catchment area, supported by Joso City's employment and development initiatives.

Mr. Brooks added: "This integrated approach to development is indicative of Goodman Japan's commitment to creating sustainable communities that meet the needs of both businesses and residents. The forthcoming Goodman Joso 2 building, currently under construction and slated for completion in early 2025, will further enhance the precinct, and we look forward to continue delivering for our customers and the broader community."

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MASH GROUP builds on a corporate philosophy of "Giving shape to our ideas and bringing people joy" and follow a principle of "Wellness Design" to enrich every hour of people's lives. Whether we are selecting and sourcing materials or creating and providing products, if there is anything in the manufacturing process that does not fall under Wellness Design, we won't do it, no matter how profitable it would be as a business. That is our pride and mission, the Mash Business Model.

Mash was established in 1998 as a graphic design company. Since entering the fashion industry in 2005, we have expanded to a wide range of businesses including beauty, food, and sports. Our business has spread not only within Japan but also in Asia, the United States, and other places around the world.

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