MINISO Attended the 6th Shanghai Fashion Weekend, MINISO x Marvel Series Products Were Well Received

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SHANGHAI, Oct. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- From October 18-20, Shanghai Fashion Weekend, held by Shanghai Fashion Week, attracted a large number of people. Positioned as "Fashion for all", Shanghai Fashion Weekend, the B2C event of Shanghai Fashion Week, aims to shorten the distance between fashion and the masses, has entered its sixth season this year. The fashionable weekend brought all sorts of unexpected clashes and fusions, showed inconceivable aesthetic collision, and presented an audio-visual feast for the participants with dazzling and cool visual impact.

MINISO x Marvel at Shanghai Fashion Weekend
MINISO x Marvel at Shanghai Fashion Weekend

There were all kinds of surreal art spaces that artists display through multimedia technology, for example, LOLEA and JLCHA, popular brands on the internet, and fashion brands such as 310MOOD and IRIDESCENCE. But the most notable was the MINISO x Marvel series!

During the fashion weekend, Disney China presented a Marvel visual show to celebrate the 80 anniversary of Marvel. Audiences found the special booth that MINISO and Marvel well prepared.

On the clothing show, various Marvel authorized products created by MINISO were performed as accessories by each model. Those delicate and lovely accessories made the fashionable clothes even better.

What's more, MINISO set an independent exhibition stand for Marvel series, showcasing all sorts of Marvel products. The stand was right beside the "Marvel Universe corridor", creating a Marvel space for the fans.

In the middle of the exhibition area, a large Marvel wall was piled up with Marvel bottles, attracting a large number of fans for photo shooting. What gives a bigger surprise to fans is that all the Marvel products could be purchased directly, so that fans could take home whatever they like.

Throughout the show, MINISO has injected young and fashionable lifestyles into the immersive space of Marvel, presenting a cool and fashionable life show with Marvel products. As a brand that owns numerous popular IPs, Miniso's collaboration with Marvel this time represents the young and fashion lifestyle in the new era of retail.

In fact, since it announced the cooperation with Marvel, MINISO has drawn a lot of attention and expectation. Since the first MINISO x Marvel IP store was opened in May this year, fans' enthusiasm has spread from China to abroad. Up to now, MINISO has opened IP stores in more than 20 countries and regions, developing over 1000 SKU for consumers throughout the world, and creating new sales record.

Marvel has always told the story of humanity, believing that anyone has the potential to be extraordinary, and the power to impact the world. As an emerging power, MINISO hopes to break down industrial and geographical barriers through its efforts, so that consumers around the world can buy better products at lower prices. The combination of the two sides in concept makes this cooperation perfect and recognized by fans. In the future, MINISO Marvel series will bring more surprises to global fans.

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