NDT's record-setting 10 carat lab-grown Fancy Intense Yellow diamond to debut at September Hong Kong show

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HONG KONG, Sept. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- New Diamond Technology (NDT) will showcase its 10.06 carat, SI Clarity HPHT, octagonal step cut Fancy Intense Yellow diamond at September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair (booth 3B18, AWE Hall 3).

"This is the only one officially known Fancy Intense Yellow of 10 carat lab-grown diamond," said NDT President Tamazi Khikhinashvili.

Commenting IGI Worldwide co-CEO Marc Brauner: "This NDT 10.06 carat stone is unique in all aspects, and that the technology behind the processes synthesizing such stones are rapidly and significantly advancing. The stone's intense yellow color and breath-taking brilliance will ensure it a prominent place among the pioneers of man-made diamond creation."  The NDT's new conception was certified in Antwerp -- and with its beauty captured -- by International Gemological Institute (IGI).

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Mr Khikhinashvili said man-made diamond demand is growing fast as buyers are concerned about the environmental impact of its mining and seek gems untainted by conflict zones.

This is evident at jewelry shows in Las Vegas, Basel, Dubai and Hong Kong where customers favor innovations as value added.  Historic milestones in diamond development generate positive attention based on these social concerns.

Thus, NDT finds that socially sensitive buyers, especially numerous among Millennials, have a marked preference for lab grown diamonds, bearing re-assuring individual birth certificates that signal virtuous behavior among contemporises.

In this regard, NDT has since surpassed its own achievements, engineering ever more precious HPHT gem quality diamonds -- and showcasing them at the trade's most prestigious venues:

HONG KONG, September 2016:
World's largest Emerald Cut Fancy Deep Blue diamond: 10.08 cts SI Clarity

JCK LAS VEGAS, May 2016:
Emerald Cut - 5.27cts VS1 Fancy Deep Blue;
Heart shape - 5.26cts VVS1 Fancy Deep Blue;
Fancy cut diamond: Heart 5.05cts VS2 D;
Round cut diamond: Round 5.06cts VS2 D.

BASEL World, March 2016:
World's largest Emerald-cut blue diamond, 5.03cts, VS1 HPHT type-IIb stone.

HONG KONG, May 2015:
World's largest HPHT-grown colorless diamond, 10.02cts Square Emerald Cut.

Said Mr Khikhinashvili: "Leading jewelry designers are intrigued by the possibilities brought by NDT's technology that provide them a whole range of rare quality diamond stones to work with. At the same time, their design is much liberated from price concerns."

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Source: New Diamond Technology
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