NetEase Cloud Music Partners with Nippon Columbia to Stream Extensive Japanese Music Portfolio in China

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HANGZHOU, China, April 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- NetEase Cloud Music, China's leading interactive music streaming service provider, today announced its partnership agreement with Nippon Columbia, Japan's premier record label, to license its iconic music content. This partnership demonstrates NetEase Cloud Music's commitment to bringing more diversified music to listeners in China and has made it the first music streaming platform in China to collaborate with the century-old Japanese record company.

Under this partnership, NetEase Cloud Music will gain access to Nippon Columbia's expansive music library, including pop music and enka (a popular Japanese music genre that resembles traditional Japanese music stylistically). Starting mid-April, music from the coveted Nippon Columbia label is available for streaming on NetEase Cloud Music, including artists such as 04 Limited Sazabys, NakamuraEmi, Aoi Yuki, Miku Itou and Hibari Misora. This further consolidates NetEase Cloud Music's advantages in Japanese music among its peers.

Zhu Yiwen, CEO of NetEase Cloud Music said, "I am thrilled to see our cooperation come into being. As a music platform adored by Chinese young people, NetEase Cloud Music can leverage its position to actively promote outstanding artists and music works of Nippon Columbia in China. We will continue to meet the increasingly diverse demands of China's music lovers, including the need for more Japanese music, while further facilitating exchanges and communication in music between China and the world."

Since its inception, NetEase Cloud Music has been exploring new ways for marketing and promoting different music genres from across the globe in China. Taking Japanese music alone for example, the platform has established copyright collaborations with a number of Japanese record companies, making NetEase Cloud Music a gathering place for China's Japanese music lovers. NetEase Cloud Music has attracted a strong following of genuine music lovers who have a higher propensity to pay for the content they like.

Miyomatsu Abe, President of Nippon Columbia, said, "We're very happy to work with NetEase Cloud Music to bring Nippon Columbia's music to listeners in China. NetEase Cloud Music discovered the potential of Japanese music in China's market long ago and has been a first mover in introducing Japanese music to China. More and more users of NetEase Cloud Music now listen to Japanese music and have gradually formed large active Japanese music fan groups. The number is still rising. I express my great admiration for this. Next year will mark the 110th anniversary of our company and we look forward to starting a new chapter in Nippon Columbia's history together with NetEase Cloud Music."

As the oldest record company in Japan, Nippon Columbia was founded in1910 and is considered to be a major pioneer of Japan's music industry. It has made monumental contributions to the development of Japan's pop-culture. Throughout its operation of more than 100 years, Nippon Columbia has cultivated the careers of many famous singers and released plentiful well-known songs.

About NetEase Cloud Music

NetEase Cloud Music is a leading interactive music streaming service provider in China. Focusing on providing a differentiated user experience, NetEase Cloud Music has been praised for providing precise, personalized recommendations, promoting user interaction, and creating a strong social community. Launched in 2013 by NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES), NetEase Cloud Music is widely recognized as one of China's most active music platforms in terms of user retention rate, user time spent on the platform and the level of user-generated content. NetEase Cloud Music has more than 600 million registered users and over 20 million tracks.

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