New Generation Food Documentary "UMAMI" Makes a Huge Splash at its Premiere

BEIJING, Oct. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, food documentary "UMAMI" blew the audience away at its premiere. "UMAMI" is a new generation food documentary jointly produced by China Agriculture Film and Television Center, Z. J. Omnimedia (Beijing Zhongjingwenguang International Advertisement Co., Ltd.), Shanghai Tohkin Group and Shanghai Totole Food Co., Ltd.

The documentary received high recognition and praise at the premiere. The attending guests watched the documentary and then ardently engaged themselves in discussions of it from various perspectives, including narrative and shooting styles, animation, music style, narration, content creation, cultural and scientific connotation, as well as social significance.

The chief director, together with episode directors, cameramen, post-production team and the narrator and composer attended the premiere and talked about the production process and behind-the-scenes stories. Different from other food documentaries, "UMAMI" represents a variety of convention-breaking attempts in both the content and ways of its expression. With scientific elements, Chinese-western style music, and interesting illustrations, this new generation food documentary aims to leave audiences with an intelligent and international impression.

"UMAMI" took nearly 2 years to shoot. It has 6 episodes, each 42 minutes, and debuted on China Central Television at 21:17 every night from Oct. 15th to 20th, 2018.

Source: Beijing Zhongjingwenguang International Advertisement Co., Ltd.