Northeast Asia Digital Trade Hub unveiled in Shenfu New District

2019-09-24 14:08 1049

SHENYANG, China, Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Northeast China will also be able to enjoy the closed-loop service of cross-border trade industry chain. Recently, the Northeast Asia cross-border digital trade hub has been unveiled in Shenfu New District, Liaoning Province, which will become an landmark, where O2O cross-border e-commerce services gather, as well as an e-commerce incubation base of China. 

Northeast Asia Digital Trade Hub unveiled in Shenfu New District
Northeast Asia Digital Trade Hub unveiled in Shenfu New District

On September 13, 2018, the State Council approved the construction of the "Shenfu Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone," which has become a key development area in China. Shenfu New District will become a forerunner of reform and opening up in northeast China, a benchmark for optimizing investment and business environment, a leading force for innovation-driven development, and a new engine for the revitalization and development of Liaoning Province. 

In February 2019, the Northeast Asia cross-border digital trade hub, the first Northeast Asia digital trade platform to "buy and sell globally", was settled in Shenfu New District. After six months of construction, Northeast Asia cross-border digital trade was unveiled and put into operation. 
The facility targets to build a base to facilitate digital trade, regarding cross-border e-commerce operation and management, cross-border e-commerce talent mass entrepreneurship and innovation, cross-border e-commerce brand incubation, and cross-border e-commerce demonstration. 

The base will make full use of the current business atmosphere and resources in Liaoning Province, establish a systematic supporting infrastructure to serve local cross-border trade, and form a closed-loop service for the cross-border trade industry chain, gradually building a cross-border trade ecosystem, including platform commodity display, transaction settlement, incubation operation, professional training, logistics distribution, integrated customs clearance services, financial services and so on.

Shenfu New District has attracted much attention in opening up to the outside world, and will integrate into the Liaoning "Belt and Road Initiative" comprehensive experimental area and the China-CEE "16-year-1" economic and trade cooperation new area. We will set up Shen Fu Customs, make every effort to build a gathering area for foreign trade cooperation, and build a high-level open platform of "1+1+N". "1" is to rely on Dunhuang and other companies, facing Northeast Asia, to build an online foreign trade trading platform to buy and sell globally; "1" is to build an offline exhibition and marketing center for domestic imports based on the Defoe Tianjing Science and Technology Town Project in Australia.

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