Yingkou's fresh taste sauce has become one of the cultural symbols of Yingkou City

2019-09-26 18:01 868

YINGKOU, China, Sept. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At present, six sauce enterprises in Yingkou have set up associations and are applying for China National Geographical Labeling Products.

The salt beaches in Yingkou stretch for a hundred miles and can produce edible salt with sodium chloride content of up to 99%. When the high-quality soybean meets the high-quality edible salt, and going through brewing with the exquisite sauce technology, the Yingkou sauce has a strong fermented flavor. 

Because of its yellowish red color, soft body, pure flavor and delicious taste, Yingkou sauce belongs to the top class of its kind. After more than a hundred years of inheritance and innovation, Yingkou sauce has become one of the cultural symbols of Yingkou City.

After a hundred years of development, Weizhongxian has become a well-known brand of Yingkou. Ma Honglu, who is the founder of the brand, has always taken the production of the traditional Yingkou sauce as the target for 26 years. During the 26 years, they have always used only one kind of salt, Ma Honglu said. It is the sea salt in Bohai Bay that gives Yingkou sauce natural fresh and savory taste. 

At present, Ma Honglu has led the research and development of six new products. Many of these products have been patented by the state. Ma Honglu introduced the soy sauce condensing technology from Japan, and introduced the most advanced production equipment in China, and replaced the fermentor. From cleaning, cooking, preparation, fermentation to finished product packaging line, fully automated production has led to the upgrading of products. 

"Our products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Canada, the United States and other countries. Thick sauce, soy sauce and other condiments are now available in supermarkets in Canada and the United States." Ma Honglu proudly said that the Liaoning Provincial Import and Export Corporation and the Customs determined that Weizhongxian filled the gap in the export of condiments in Liaoning Province.

Source: Liaoning, Yingkou