obode's AIoT-Powered Smart Vacuum Cleaner A8+ Now Available in Germany

2022-09-28 15:00 903

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Smart cleaning solution provider today announced that the brand's latest generation of AIoT-powered smart vacuum robot, A8+, is now available in Germany on October 26th and will soon come to other countries. Featuring a futuristic cyberpunk-inspired design that matches modern home décor, the new flagship robot comes with three cleaning modes – sweeping, mopping and vacuuming – integrated with a plethora of intelligent solutions that make home maintenance quicker and easier than ever.

"Built from the ground up for efficiency, timeless appeal and seamless functionality, we believe our latest smart vacuum robot can become the ultimate hand-off cleaning partner for users, freeing them from laborious cleaning routines so they have more time to do what's most important to them," said Chen Yuan, CEO of obode.

Created to give the user's living space an amazing clean with minimal effort, obode A8+ is paired with an auto-emptying base with 2.5L dust bag that allows the user to enjoy 30 days of hassle-free smart cleaning without the need for manual disposal of the debris and dust collected by the robot. Supercharged with a suction power of up to 19000pa, the base removes the dirt in the robot with unparalleled efficiency.

Compact yet powerful, obode A8+ boasts a suction power of up to 4000pa, combined with 3 power levels that provide optimal solutions for stains in different areas. Thanks to the upgraded object recognition system, the three-in-one smart robot is capable of optimizing cleaning functions according to surface type. It automatically elevates the unit when encountering carpet, keeping the surface spotless while preventing leaving any water streak on the path.

Fast, precise and highly intelligent, obode A8+ comes with a navigation system powered by 30 sets advanced sensors and LiDAR technology, which could calculate distance and track location with incredible efficiency, coupled with advanced sensors that allow it to measure objects in centimetre-level detail. The technology operates with the same precision in both high and low-lit rooms, or underneath furniture, enabling the robot to conduct deep cleaning even for hard-to-reach spots.

For greater flexibility, the smart robot supports Google Assistant and Alexa, as well as remote control vias obode Life app to custom-define no-go zones. Ideal for deep whole-house cleaning, the obode A8+ can store up to three floors of map information and the 5200mAh can offer two hours of uninterrupted runtime on a single charge.

obode is a tech company specializing in smart cleaning solutions, committed to providing intelligent and simple-to-use vacuum robots that help users build a comfortable and healthy home environment effortlessly. obode also aims to add unique artistic elements to its products to offer an extra layer of colorfulness to users' lives. This year, the company worked with the famous Finnish designer Janine Rewell to recraft its P8+ with a new exterior design inspired by master paintings housed in the National Gallery of the United Kingdom.

obode A8 Series Pre-sale is now ready! Early Bird Price for A8+ 529€  (MSRP 699€); A8 379€ (MSRP 499€). For more information


Source: Obode Tech