Outline for Building Chengdu into a World Famous City of Sports Events

CHENGDU, China, Sept. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On the evening of September 9th 2021, the Outline for Building Chengdu into a World Famous City of Sports Events was released at China-Europe Center, Chengdu. Chengdu's government, together with many internationally famous sports institutions, media and domestically renowned sports companies, presented a beautiful blueprint for Building Chengdu into a World Famous City of Sports Events to the world. In the future, Chengdu will be devoted to building a system that reaches toward this goal, integrating sports into citizens' lives while giving sports a better role to play in promoting the city's growth.

At 8pm, the event officially started. The mayor of Chengdu, Wang Fengchao, sent sincere greetings and a warm welcome to all the guests via a video clip, which showcases Chengdu's achievements in recent years and the outlook for future.

Later, the deputy mayor of Chengdu, Liu Xuguang, made an interpretation of the Outline's content. Chengdu is expected to become a World Famous City of Sports Events by 2025, a World Famous City of Sports by 2030, and a World Famous City for living by 2035. In the meantime, Liu pointed out, during this period, ample opportunities will emerge. We welcome anyone who has a will to develop sports business and industry to come and share their knowledge as Chengdu develops, with communication and cooperation of a higher standard.

Dozens of internationally known sports organizations and institutions participated in the event. The City Football Group, Wanda Sports and Zhongao Sports each made their keynote speeches, giving their advice for Chengdu, respectively. Also, representatives from 7 international organizations, including the PGA Tour, Eurosport, Australian Open, Orange Sports Forum, Johan Cruyff Institute, WST and La Liga, along with media organizations, participated in the event online, telling their stories and experiences about Chengdu.

As the guests pushed the button, game venues for 2021 FISU Universiade like Dongan Lake Sports Park, Pheonix Hill Sports Park, and the city landmark Twin Towers were lit up simultaneously. Sports organizations from different regions across the globe also participated in lighting up the city. Bayern Munich, Juventus, PGA Tour and WST presented their wishes for Chengdu by the light shows on the Twin Towers.

Source: Chengdu
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