Ping An Good Doctor Develops AI Medical Technology to Enhance The Efficiency of Traditional Medicine

Ping An Good Doctor
2019-08-30 15:42 7482

SHANGHAI, Aug. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ping An Good Doctor (01833.HK), the world leading online healthcare ecosystem platform, unveiled its strategic products "Private Doctor", "One-minute Clinic", "Internet Hospital", "Pharmacy Cloud", pulse diagnosis device and many other wearable smart gadgets at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019. This showcases how its state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence medical technologies and other applications can provide a boost to the effectiveness of traditional medicine.

China's traditional medicine now faces such pain points as the lack of quality medical practitioners, and a shortage and imbalanced distribution of medical resources. To address these issues, Ping An Good Doctor has developed a world leading AI-assisted consultation system, called "AI Doctor", which will progressively enhance the intelligence behind the consultation procedure. This will shorten the consultation and prescription times, increase the consultation efficiency and diagnostic accuracy, and improve the patients' experience. At present, the use of this AI-assisted consultation system has been widely promoted across all clinics on the Ping An Good Doctor's suite of in-house medical teams and nearly 150 offline hospitals. It is precisely because of the existence of AI Doctor that Ping An Good Doctor's Private Doctor service can enable one doctor to serve 1000 users, thereby realizing true 24/7 service provision. With the continuous advancement of AI Doctor, it is believed that the efficiency of this service can be further enhanced.

Ping An Good Doctor has also developed various applications and services with "AI Doctor" as the core. For example, at "One-minute Clinic", health records collection and preliminary diagnosis will be undertaken by the virtual AI Doctor. This will be followed by a targeted, complementary consultation by a real, experienced medical specialist. Next, Internet Hospital provides integrated consultation and treatment services covering online consultation, drug prescription and purchase, and drug delivery. As such a truly seamless online-offline connection is achieved, improving the efficiency of medical services and patients' experience. Additionally, "Pharmacy Cloud", embedded in WeChat, offers users such functions as online consultation and electronic prescription.  

In the field of AI devices, ranging from smart health watches and smart blood-pressure monitoring watches, to smart cup and blood sugar devices, are customized for different groups of people, including adults, the elderly, children and patients suffering from chronic illnesses. Connected to Ping An Good Doctor App, these gadgets can upload the health data collected to the mobile application for analysis by an AI-assisted system. Based on the health recommendations from doctors, a personalized healthcare management solution can then be provided to users.

Source: Ping An Good Doctor
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