Pricerite x HKBN Proudly Pioneer Germ-free Smart Homes

HONG KONG, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to COVID-19 households nowadays are highly vigilant of home hygiene, Pricerite and HKBN have an innovative answer: 'Germ-free Smart Home' solutions that combine easy-to-install appliances with intuitive remote control system and scene settings via HKBN Home mobile app. With an extensive range of home hygiene appliances available, these smart home solutions offer all the benefits of a germ-free household, without any hassles.

Pricerite x HKBN Proudly Pioneer Germ-free Smart Homes
Pricerite x HKBN Proudly Pioneer Germ-free Smart Homes



Pricerite x HKBN 'Germ-free Smart Home' Experience Unit
One HKBN Home App to control all smart appliances

To show case these innovative solutions, Pricerite and HKBN have set up a 'Germ-free Smart Home' experience unit in its MegaBox New Retail Concept Store in Kowloon Bay, allowing customers the experience of controlling the smart appliances with HKBN Home mobile app, including the use of Cantonese voice commands. The experience unit also showcases different smart home scenarios through a holistic product journey, starting with disinfection at the front door, 24/7 intelligent air quality check, to day-to-day smart living and entertainment essentials.

James Leung, CEO of Pricerite Group says, "As the first home furnishing specialist in Hong Kong to develop "New Retail", Pricerite always stays at the forefront of the market. We proactively deploy technology to bring better experience and life to our customers with total smart home solutions. Our collaboration with HKBN is a further demonstration of our commitment to enhancing our customers' quality of life with the use of advanced technology, creating values for customers while fulfilling their all-round satisfaction."

HKBN Co-Owner and CEO – Residential Solutions Elinor Shiu said, "By working with Pricerite to launch these smart home solutions, we're taking our win-win strategic partnership to the next level. Customers can now personalise their smart home setup at a competitive pricing, while enjoying the ease of grouping different appliances – even from different brands – into a single system easily managed by HKBN Home mobile app. This is a remarkable breakthrough that'll make smart home solutions accessible to all."

The 'Germ-free Smart Home' Product Journey

Contactless sanitising for greater safety, right at the door
Germs and viruses should be left on the doorstep – so before you enter the house, use HKBN Home mobile app to remotely activate (or manually with a switch) the RHT Ceiling-mounted Air Purifier to filter air, and check your temperature and that of your visitors using the Non-contact Infrared Thermometer. Drop your shoes into drawers equipped with the Honey UV-C LED Light Sanitiser to eliminate up to 99.99% pathogens, hands-free, and do the same with your keys, wallet and smartphones in a similarly UV-C protected storage closet above. Sanitise your hands with contactless sanitiser spray for extra peace of mind as you enter. 

Smart monitoring to ensure a germ-free household
A smart air quality monitor checks indoor air quality (PM.2.5, VOCs, formaldehyde, CO2, temperature and humidity) and starts the air purifier for UV-assisted PNPO filtration when air quality parameters are exceeded. Pre-programme the Smart Vacuum Cleaner for automatic daily cleaning, as you start up the Smart Mite Robot VC with UVC Steriliser to deep-clean your mattress and remove bacteria and mites.

Savour finer moments in life with home automation
As the 'Germ-free Smart Home' experience unit demonstrates, it is the little conveniences that add up and take the stress off busy urban living. Set the perfect bedroom ambience by turning on your aroma humidifier and fan with a voice command, and turn off the LED floor lights with another without leaving your bed; while a smart sensor monitors the room temperature and starts the air-con to ensure a good night's sleep. When morning comes, use a voice command to open the blinds and wake up to the aroma of coffee and toast automatically prepared through connected smart appliances. Let home automation take care of the chores and enjoy life to the full.

Multimedia entertainment and home security
Easily switch your living room to 'theatre mode' with matching audio-visual settings and lighting by pre-setting your preference through HKBN Home mobile app, or switching TV channels and adjusting volume simply with a voice command. You may also install RGB lighting synchronised with the audio system for an immersive gaming experience. Meanwhile, secure your home with door and window sensors and check your app to see if the smart door lock is engaged. A smart peephole doorcam supports live-view and replays in high-definition, plus notifications for motion detected outside your home. For additional security, you can even start a video chat with visitors on your smartphone.

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