Riceberry Rice - A Healthful Game Changer from Thailand

BANGKOK, June 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand has introduced a project called "Think RICE, Think THAILAND" to encourage international community to pay attention to consumer health and to raise awareness on the national crop by providing a wider range of knowledge, ranging from national agricultural history, standards and Thai rice quality.

Thailand has a wide range of rice varieties, but one stands out as a healthful game changer -- the Riceberry Rice. This nutritious grain from Thailand has gained widespread popularity across the world.

Ministry of Commerce, explained Dark purple in colour, long grain, chewy texture, sweet aroma and packed with nutritional properties, Riceberry rice is suitable for consumers of all ages and genders. It is with high nutritional value and rich in antioxidants. With medium to low GI value, it helps lower cholesterol levels and stunt the growth of cancerous cells. It helps control blood glucose and weight and it is rich in dietary fibre. Riceberry rice also contains other beneficial nutrients, such as gamma oryzanol, vitamin E, tannin, zinc, omega 3 and folate. It lowers your chances of suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and dementia. It also nourishes skin, fights off wrinkles and slows down aging.

Think Rice, Think Thailand.
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Source: Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand