S6G, coocaa's latest dynamic multi-sensorial entertainment frontier, launches officially

2021-07-12 18:00 671

BERLIN, July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A TV manufacturer bringing fun interactive viewing experience to families around the world since 2006, coocaa, officially presented more technological advancement through the launch of the latest products.

coocaa is determined to rock the market with a 'never settle' attitude. Thriving to secure the attention of the younger generation, coocaa is bringing new product series with state-of-the-art technologies and affordable prices.

At the heart of technology, fundamentally there is a basic human connection that defies time and space. In today's digitally adventurous landscape, TV requires to become a beacon of virtual interactivity and digital connectivity, in order to avoid obsolesce.

S6G comes with lineup of signature features for the young-at-hearts. This is because the Android 10.0 is compatible with AV1, a new video codec designed to help internet-savvy companies or hyper-connected individuals efficiently deliver high quality videos via internet using less bandwidth. With AV1, users can generally enjoy online videos with less buffer time and encounter less interruptions on TVs just like they would have on PCs.

At the same time, S6G is more environmentally friendly. 'Doze' - a power-saving feature enables TV to reach an incredibly low power consumption in standby mode. While having the Doze mode on, users can "wake up" the TV with one touch of the remote control to have the TV screen back on. When TV detect no activities with set time, it will go back to Doze mode to conserve power.

In terms of picture quality, S6G includes Boundless Screen, 4K HDR10 visionary technology, as well as Colorful Vision. Thus, powering image quality processing with 8.29 million pixels to inspire the sights and visual immersion. S6G Chameleon Extreme 2.0 chip granted 30% better CPU computing power, 40% better 3D image processing capability, 30% faster RAM write speed, improving the overall performance by 38%, which means you can enjoy the highest video resolution Netflix can set, watch football games without afterimages, and play video games with higher precision and faster console-to-screen response. (Data comes from the coocaa laboratory)

Ever imagined a romantic night with your beloved, wanted to play soft music on the TV without the flashing screen? S6G comes with the perfect solution, with the bidirectional Bluetooth 5.0 built-in and Dolby Audio & DTS Studio Sound, you can project songs from phones to TV, immersing yourself in the sound of heaven.

Since 2006, coocaa has continued establish a strong cross-border and localized e-commerce platforms in Europe, India, Russia, and Southeast Asia, maximizing its potential for growth and market expansion. This has proven to be a catalyst for coocaa as sales performance skyrocketed 123.32% YoY in 2020, while Germany and India continued to perform extremely well.

[Tao], [Chief Marketing Officer], coocaa, said, "coocaa has a prominent presence in more than 40 countries, built 9 manufacturing bases, and 6 R&D centers around the world. All of our products have well-passed all Germany quality standard that is unrivaled in both commitment and execution".

To solidify its market position, coocaa set to launch a budget-friendly OLED product named S8M in July 1, 2021. Unlike LED or LCD TV products, OLED TV adapts independent pixels to restore the "true" picture, by turning off the pixels within particular area, it achieves infinite to 0 contrasting ratio. Combine with the Dolby Vision technology, coocaa S8M elevates TV watching experience to a pristine level.

"For a generation eager for dynamic lifestyle, S6G is the perfect match that can guarantee an out-of-body entertainment experience. We are confident that this model will make it to the top on E-commerce platforms", Tao added.

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coocaa is a registered trademark of the market-leading TV manufacturer. Since 2006, coocaa brings fun to the home - with TVs that inspire around the world. In doing so, coocaa not only promotes the innovation and development of advanced technologies, but also strives for product quality that will bring a smile to customers' faces.


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