Sanya in Warsaw, Poland to promote tourism & seek cooperation

WARSAW, Poland, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 20th, 2018, an international tourism promotional campaign event called "Sanya Night" was held in Warsaw, Poland's capital and largest city. A delegation of Sanya tourism officials represented Sanya at the event. The delegation was led by Mr. Yan Chaojun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Sanya Municipal Committee.

Officials in attendance at the event included Yao Dongye, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Poland, and Mr. Tadeusz Jedrzejczak, Member of the Board of the Lubuskie Voivodeship. Representatives from local travel agencies, the cruise industry, and Polish media members also attended the event.

Sanya's tourism representatives used beautiful photos, wonderful video clips, and vivid descriptions to give an overview of some of the recent developments in Sanya's tourism, cruise, and aviation industries. The delegation also promoted Hainan's new policy allowing travelers from 59 countries to enjoy visa-free access to the island province, the construction of China's Free Trade Zone (Port), and Sanya's goal of developing into an international consumption center.

Mr. Yan Chaojun said, "Sanya is working to transform into a world-class coastal tourist city. Keeping in line with international standards, the city will further diversify its tourism products, improve its infrastructure and services, speed up the construction of a larger international airport, take steps to develop into an international cruise homeport, and work to make the city an attractive modern business hub that hosts a cluster of corporate headquarters."

Mr. Tadeusz Jedrzejczak commented that Sanya is a city worth visiting, and that he had gained more awareness of Sanya via the displays at the event, which showcased Sanya's culture, natural resources, and preferential tourism policies. He also expressed gratitude to the Sanya government for its promotional efforts, and raised the possibility of opening new cruise routes and air routes to bilaterally facilitate trade, cultural exchange, and cooperation between tourism organizations in Poland and Sanya.

Source: Sanya Tourism Development Commission