Sarine Technologies' APAC executives interviewed by BAZAAR Jewelry

HOD HASHARON, Israel, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sarine Technologies' (U77:SI) APAC Managing Director Noy Elram and APAC Marketing & PR Manager Gege Chen recently sat for an interview with BAZAAR Jewelry, during which the two executives shared, the diamond guide for the SMART era, how to make use of the newly available diamond technologies when selecting their diamonds. They also spoke about Sarine's automated diamond 4Cs grading certificate and Diamond JourneyTM traceability report. The interview was published in recent edition of BAZAAR Jewelry magazine and on the magazine's official WeChat account.

BAZAAR Jewelry interviews Sarine’s APAC executives Noy Elram and Gege Chen
BAZAAR Jewelry interviews Sarine’s APAC executives Noy Elram and Gege Chen

Noy Elram explained that many diamond industry players worldwide have come to the realization that very little has changed in their modus operandi and that their trade remains a highly traditional one. The industry will find it difficult to keep pace with the highly technical environment we all live in today if they fail to pay attention to the development and application of technologies. The widely recognized diamond 4Cs represents the carat weight, clarity, color and cut.  In the traditional 4C grading process, which heavily rely on human elements, such as measuring the size, shape and location of diamond inclusions as well as the subtle differences in color, it is inevitable that graders will be affected by the external environment or their own physical and emotional state, as well as other factors, thus affecting the grading results. Not to mention graders' differences in terms of experience, capability and culture. Even if the same grader handles the same diamond on different occasions or at different times, inconsistent grading results can occur.

Gege Chen emphasized, "Sarine understands that the core need for a diamond report of consumers when buying diamonds is a guarantee. Consumers would only trust certificates that are based on objective and reliable data." Aiming for enhancing consumer confidence, Sarine established the world's first AI-based diamond lab in 2018, leveraging the advantages of artificial intelligence, machine vision and neural network machine learning to achieve the consistency and repeatability of diamond grading.

"We believe that AI technology can bring value to the diamond industry, and our mission is to build trust between retailers and consumers by providing accurate and objective diamond grading certificates," Sarine's two executives concurred.

In 2018, Sarine launched the Diamond Journey™ traceability report which can document the entire trajectory of a diamond from the mine to the retail store. As Sarine's technologies spread out the entire industry pipeline, most diamonds in the world rely on Sarine from the rough to the finished form. With more than 70 million rough/polished diamonds being scanned and analyzed by Sarine's systems annually, the firm is able to efficiently provide true high-quality information directly derived from the actual technology utilized during the various processes involved in diamond manufacturing using our advanced system annually.

It also because the Sarine Diamond Journey™ is a technology-based traceability system which differs from the chain of custody or system of warrants that has been used by the industry for many years, it can ensure verifiability, accuracy and traceability of the results, helping prevent the occurrence of counterfeit documentation. Consumers can verify any diamond with a Sarine Diamond JourneyTM report, know its origin and how it was manufactured, as well as view a 1:1 model of original rough diamond from which the Sarine Diamond Journey™-verified polished diamond was derived (3D-ORIGIN™).

Sarine believes that the application of Sarine's technologies across the industry can gradually resolve the problem of information asymmetry between buyers and sellers, giving consumers peace of mind when buying diamonds. 

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Source: Sarine Technologies Ltd.
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