Seadronix unveils All New NAVISS for smart ship at a global maritime exhibition

2022-08-31 15:00 896

ULSAN, South Korea, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Seadronix Corp., a leading developer of AI-powered solutions for smart ship navigation and port operation, has announced that it will be launching a new service this coming September at SMM 2022 (Maritime and Technology Fair & Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, September 6 to 9). Seadronix is also a member of the Born2Global Centre in Korea.

SMM, which is marking its 30th anniversary this year, is one of the world's largest shipbuilding and marine technology exhibitions, with more than 2,200 participating companies from over 100 countries. Seadronix will exhibit its "AI-based Navigation Monitoring System" (NAVISS) and "AI-based Berthing Monitoring System" (AVISS) at the event. The world premiere of NAVISS 1.0, featuring a user-friendly UI and advanced AI technology, is expected to attract European shipowners and shipping companies that are highly interested in autonomous ships.

NAVISS is a navigation assistant solution for ships in coastal areas and narrow channels. The system increases the situational awareness of the pilot and navigator onboard by providing a 360-degree around-view, surrounding ocean objects recognition, and collision alerts in real time on the bridge monitor. Instant recognition of nearby objects, such as small boats and even humans, was made possible by Seadronix advanced AI technology.

Having been successfully validated by large shipping and heavy industry companies in Korea, NAVISS is currently in the final stretch of the process toward being installed on national special-purpose ships. Global shipbuilders and shipping companies have been actively contacting the company with product inquiries as well. NAVISS 1.0 is to be commercialized next year after its launch at the exhibition.

Seadronix will also exhibit AVISS, a berthing assistance and port operation solution. It provides real-time situational information, such as remaining distance to berth and approach speed, and a around-view through the AVISS web service. The service will be available to users such as berthing operators (port pilots/tugboats) and port management parties (ports/terminal operators).

The Port of Busan, ranked as the world's sixth-largest port, and the ports of Incheon and Ulsan have adopted and utilized AVISS. An extensive testbed for AVISS is planned to be created at the Port of Ulsan by the end of this year in cooperation with the Ulsan Port Authority (UPA). In the first half of next year, an updated version of the AVISS Service will also be launched with additional features. Berthing time prediction and average berth occupancy time by ship will be provided to improve the efficiency of port operation.

Byeolteo Park, CEO, said, "Unveiling NAVISS to global shipbuilders and shipping companies at this renowned exhibition is a big opportunity for us to enter the global market." He added, "As a leading AI company with solutions for autonomous navigation in Korea, Seadronix will present the excellence of its AI technology and innovative products at the exhibition."


Source: Born2Global Centre