Selecting the Best of the Best - JJA Jewellery Design Awards 2019 Announced

2019-08-02 17:52 871

TOKYO, Aug. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Japan Jewellery Association officially announced the winners of the 2019 JJA Jewellery Design Awards, and the award-winning jewelleries will be presented at the UBM Japan Co.,Ltd co-organized event -- Japan Jewellery Fair 2019 -- which will open in Tokyo from 28 to 30 in August. The JJA Jewellery Design Awards, an annual design competition organised by the Japan Jewellery Association, is well known as the most prestigious jewellery design competition in Japan with a 30 year history. The concept of the awards is not only to promote Japan's innovative jewellery design and advanced craftsmanship, but also to discover new talent full of originality and vision for the further development of the industry.

There are two categories within the JJA Jewellery Design Awards. Jewellery in the "Professional" category is judged according to the level of design, technique and quality. The other is the "Newcomer" category that is for jewellery of students and young designers who are challenging traditional concepts.

The Japan Jewellery Association invited eight judges this year including a guest judge, Mr. Mitsuo Kaji, the famous Japanese jewellery artist. The judges selected ten top awards including the Grand Prize / Prime Minister's Award and four other special prizes from among 133 pieces from 71 competition entries. The winning pieces will be shown at a fashion show that will be held on the Event Stage of the exhibition at 14:00 on the first day of the show (28 August).

Mr. Tota Koyama, Chairman of the Japan Jewellery Association, commented, "There are many pieces with superb innovative designs and high level techniques this year."  

And Mr. Ichiro Iino, Chairman of the judging committee, said, "The winner of the Grand Prize in the first category is simple and has a dignified air. The attention to detail in the finish earned it a technical award as well. The second category, the 'Newcomer' category, had an increase in the number of entries with a higher level overall and worthy of attention."

The award-wining pieces will be displayed at the Special Event Zone inside the exhibition halls through the show period. After being displayed at the Japan Jewellery Fair, they will go on display at the Yamanashi Jewellery Museum from 18 September to 7 October, and then at IJT 2020 in January.

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Source: UBM Japan Co., Ltd.