Shinsung TK Paves Way for IoT Healthcare in Asia

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SEOUL, South Korea, July 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Shinsung TK, a Korean company specializing in security system based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology, has become very active in the global market in the recent years.

Recently, the company was acknowledged with its technology and reliability as their product's patent has been successfully registered and completed in Japan, which is the most advanced telemedicine market in Asia. Furthermore, the company is pushing for FDA approval for the US market.

Patent for Fluid Monitoring System
Patent for Fluid Monitoring System

iRINGER is the name of an IoT-based remote fluid monitoring system, which is equipped with safety, convenience, and uniqueness.

Shinsung TK is a subsidiary of Shinsung Tech, which is a company that's dedicated to developing innovative IoT medical devices.

Shinsung Tech is a Korean automobile parts manufacturing company that comes with vast experience and various technological capabilities in the sector. In accordance with the 4th industrial revolution, the company was in preparation to enter the IoT business, and their first product is iRINGER, the ioT-based remote fluid monitoring system by Shingsung TK.

iRINGER's unique and innovative technology was well-recognized by the remote healthcare market, and it was featured on Japan's well-known media on their medical category.

iRINGER provides real-time monitoring of the fluid information of the patient who's receiving the fluid. It tracks the fluid amount as well as the duration of injection, which is shared with the medical professional in teal time through a mobile app or a web PC.

IRINGER is the name of an IoT-based remote fluid monitoring system
IRINGER is the name of an IoT-based remote fluid monitoring system

It serves to inform and manage the exact rate of administration of a drug for intravenous and intravenous infusions prescribed by the doctor.

One of the notable feature of iRINGER is the smart call (automatic call) alarm system, which notifies the nurse in case of any abnormalities. This function is, in particular, receiving many favorable feedbacks from the nurses. Shinsung TK also won the best gold medal at the International Invention Exhibition held in Geneva, Switzerland in April 2018 with its product, 'iRINGER'.

The present solution management system poses various risks, and the problem has been leading to consume more time and cost for the patients, so it is the opinion of the company that the invention of iRINGER is meaningful to the industry.

According to Kun-Ho Kwak, the Director of Shinsung TK, "As iRINGER is now patented in Japan, we've been receiving various inquiries from Japanese medical companies and Asian countries. Given the diverse culture and environment of different countries around the world, we are positively considering internal technology transfer as well."

iRINGER, being globally recognized, is actively entering into partnership with many venture companies and investors for the development of the healthcare industry, and the company looks forward to position itself in various sectors such as R&D, marketing, software development within the 4th industry.

Shinsung TK will participate in the Business Meeting ASIA 2019 in Kuala Lumpur organized by INNOPOLIS on July 18, 2019. Through this event, the company hopes to make a full-fledged entry into Malaysian market, which is known to be an emerging market for telemedicine in Asia.

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