SINGER® Celebrates 170 Years of Global Innovations

2021-03-09 04:28 2001

LA VERGNE, Tennessee, March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In 1851, before blue jeans or even cola, the world awoke to the clickity-clack of an invention capable of faithfully stitching most any fabric and the SINGER® brand was born. Seventeen decades later, the sewing industry leader remains just as valued today as it honors its 170-year legacy, releasing six new products in early 2021 and now an endearing vintage version for sewing fans everywhere.

SINGER® household and industrial sewing machines have had a supportive role throughout world history — from stitching frontier essentials in the 19th century to parachutes and bandages in world conflicts, countless commercial applications, and currently in the mammoth production effort of PPE for the 2020-21 global pandemic. The company behind the iconic brand also donated thousands of machines last year to enable the world to make more masks while encouraging home-based sewing income and hobbies.

Just as the world turned to its sewing machines during the "Spanish Flu" pandemic, SINGER® sewing machines are stitching countless masks to deliver peace of mind during COVID-19. Recognizing these global initiatives and other achievements is profoundly meaningful for management, employees as well as vendors. That passion has inspired the introduction of a Limited Edition 170th Anniversary Vintage 15-class cast-iron machine in both black and red versions.   

SVP Worldwide, the company behind the SINGER® brand has become synonymous with its ability to consistently modernize sewing and stay one step ahead of consumer and commercial needs, leading the sewing industry with many firsts — from the patent of the sewing machine in 1851 to the first free arm machine, electric machines, programmable machines, and now into the future with artificial intelligence.

The brand depends on sewing its path into the future for the industry as a whole, too, not just its own glory. Dean Brindle, Chief Marketing Officer of SVP Worldwide, says the SINGER® brand will continue innovating within the sewing and crafting landscape while celebrating its longevity.

For 170 years, the SINGER® brand has been synonymous with sewing. From Isaac Singer's patent on the first consumer sewing machine in 1851 to the world's first cloud-based sewing ecosystem in 2015, the spirit of practical design and creative innovation that characterized the brand from its beginning continues today.

Source: SINGER