Sinohealth Holdings Limited Announces Proposed Listing on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Sinohealth Holdings Limited
2022-06-28 16:23 4527
  • Offer Price Between HK$5.36 and HK$6.96 per Share To Raise Proceeds Up to HK$522 million
  • The Largest Provider of Healthcare Insight Solutions for Medical Products and Channels in China

HONG KONG, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A leading healthcare insight solutions provider in China - Sinohealth Holdings Limited ("Sinohealth Holdings" or the "Company", stock code: 2361.HK, together with its subsidiaries, collectively as the "Group"), today announced the proposed listing of its Shares on the Main Board of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited ("Hong Kong Stock Exchange").

Sinohealth Holdings plans to offer 75,000,000 Shares (subject to the Over-allotment Option), of which 67,500,000 Shares will be International Placing Shares (subject to reallocation and the Over-allotment Option), representing 90% of the initial Offer Shares; the remaining 7,500,000 Shares will be Hong Kong Offer Shares (subject to reallocation), representing 10% of the initial Offer Shares. Offer Price is between HK$5.36 and HK$6.96 per Share. Sinohealth Holdings will open for Hong Kong Public Offering in Hong Kong at 9 a.m., 28 June 2022 (Tuesday), and close at 12:00 noon, 5 July 2022 (Tuesday). Dealings in Shares of Sinohealth Holdings on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is expected to commence on 12 July 2022 (Tuesday). The Shares will be traded in board lot of 500 Shares each. The Company's stock code is 2361.HK.

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Sinohealth Holdings has a leading position in the medical products and channels segment, mainly providing healthcare insight solutions via offline channels to address the sales and marketing needs of the medical product manufacturer clients. According to the iResearch Report, the Company ranked first for the medical products and channel segment of healthcare insight solutions in the PRC in terms of (i) revenue in 2021, and (ii) number of top medical product manufacturers (based on the lists of top medical product manufacturers in 2020 complied by Torreya and and number of corporate clients served in 2020.

Based on big data and technologies, the Company provides the clients with a value proposition with an emphasis on problem-solving, business growth and evolution of the healthcare industry as a whole. Through a combination of industry knowledge and continuous product development, the Company has developed comprehensive healthcare insight solutions which include customized Data Insight Solutions and Data-driven Publications and Events, and standardized (SaaS) solutions and products for healthcare industry participants under a wide range of application scenarios. The solutions and products help the clients improve their efficiency of operation and management, including their product sales, marketing, client management, supply chain management, research and development, product strategies, strategic decision-making, and corporate investment.

The Largest Provider of Healthcare Insight Solutions for Medical Products and Channels in China

As one of the first movers of healthcare insight solutions providers, the Company entered the healthcare insight solutions industry in 2008 when it commenced its data collection and data analytics initiatives. As the Company grows its business, its data insights have been widely accepted and are well-received in the healthcare industry. According to the iResearch Report, the Company ranked first in the PRC in terms of revenue generated from healthcare insight solutions for medical products and channels in 2021. Healthcare insight solutions for medical products and channels accounted for approximately 32.9% of the entire healthcare insight solution market in terms of revenue in 2021 and it is expected to increase to 46.9% in 2026.

Unlike traditional insight solutions providers, the Company has also invested in the research and development on software products with a view to capture the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. Based on its industry and data insights, the Company has developed a number of SaaS products through continuous product upgrades and technological development. For the years ended 31 December 2019, 2020, and 2021, the SaaS products had 226, 283 and 432 corporate clients, respectively. The Company has developed its own model of product commercialization and monetization. As a result of the efficient, established, and proven business model, the Company has achieved strong profitability.

Benefit from Strong Monetization and Focus on Vertically Integrated Solutions that are Consistent with the Unique Characteristics of the Healthcare Industry

According to the iResearch Report, high barriers to entry have been established in the healthcare insight solutions industry, making it difficult for new entrants to succeed without investing in a large amount of resources or having a clear profitability model. The Company is competitive as it has been operating in the healthcare insight solutions industry since 2008 and enjoys first-mover advantage. In 2012, the Company began its research and development on commercial big data technologies and established the healthcare databases as well as data standardization systems. With its expertise in  the healthcare insight solutions industry and insights into the industry trends, the Company designs the solutions and products that are upgraded and optimized based on its experience and technologies. The Company has created strong brand recognition and has enhanced its industry reputation over the years.

The Company mainly provides Data Insight Solutions, Data-driven Publications and Events and a variety of SaaS products that are vertically integrated to the healthcare industry participants. Among them, the Data Insight Solutions cover the main aspects of application scenarios in the healthcare industry, including product sales, marketing, client management, supply chain management, research and development, product strategy, corporate strategies, and investments; the SaaS products are specifically designed to provide a superior and reliable client experience across a wide range of application scenarios for the healthcare industry participant.

Business Model of Sinohealth Holdings Limited
Business Model of Sinohealth Holdings Limited

Enhance the Clients' Business Opportunities through Precision Connection and Marketing, Understand Clients' Needs and Enhance Sales and Marketing Efficiency

The Industry Events are the channel for the Company to deliver the Data-driven Publications and Events and generate revenue. The Company provides customized content preparation and review for the clients' publications to deliver to their potential business partners and investors in the promotion of their brands and products during the events. The Company also provides the data insight reports which are tailor-made according to the theme of each event. The content and reports are core values of the events and an important highlight, which has attracted diversified attendees to actively participate in the events for more than a decade.

In addition, through the Industry Events, the Company offers valuable opportunities to these industry participants on a regular basis for face-to-face interactions with experts, business partners, peers and clients of the healthcare industry; publications of views and ideas on the industry and corporate strategies; and exhibition, marketing and business exposure. Leveraging the Healthcare Link which keeps track of the activities of participants, the Company provides precision connections, marketing opportunities and promotes business cooperation among participants.

Develope an Extensive, Prestigious and Loyal Client Base

The Company's understanding of the healthcare industry and insight into the latest industry trends and developments enables it to provide a full range of healthcare insight solutions to support the clients' long-term growth and helps it stand out from the competitors.

For the years ended 31 December 2019, 2020, and 2021, the Company had 630, 702 and 918 corporate clients, respectively. The clients mainly cover key participants in the healthcare industry, including medical product manufacturers, pharmacies, regulators, investment institutions and medical service institutions. In 2020, according to the iResearch Report, the Company had 57 top medical product manufacturer clients and ranked first among China's medical products and channels insight solution providers for the number of top medical product manufacturers covered. In addition, in 2021, the number of the top medical product manufacturer clients covered by the Company increased to 63. The Company values client feedback, which will drive the improvements of client services, addresses a variety of after-sales client requests in a timely and effective manner to improve overall client satisfaction.

Extensive Network and Big Data Strongly Supports the Solutions and Products

The Company possesses comprehensive databases which are arranged in line with the unique characteristics of the healthcare industry, including the self-developed master databases, retail market database and retail insight database. Throughout more than 10 years of deep cultivation, these databases form the backbone of most of the analyses and solutions. Among them, the master databases are developed by the Company that can be used as indexes and describe the core attributes of various information in the healthcare industry. The retail market database is established through the data cooperation with partnering pharmacies.

In addition to the data resources, the Company has mature analytics models, marketing theories and industry practice experience which provide sound and standardized data insights, professional research and tailor-made solutions to address different application scenarios as well as business needs such as decision-making regarding strategy, marketing and sales. The data as well as data analytics models enable deeper and more accurate insights, knowledge, and solutions.

Sinohealth Engine is able to Incubate Data Insight Solutions and SaaS Products Effectively and Successfully

The Company's offerings and technological development are its core competitiveness. Since 2008, the Company has identified the significant market potential of research and development regarding the marketing and operation of the healthcare industry due to its complex nature. Since then, the Company has focused on product and technology development with a view of contributing to the digital transformation of China's healthcare industry. The SaaS products are built upon advanced data technologies, AI technologies and cloud computing and support the complex and data-intensive operation and management of the participants in the healthcare industry. Through continuous upgrade and optimization, the Data Insight Solutions for the healthcare industry have integrated common industry practices. These Data Insight Solutions can integrate effectively with the clients' own databases and internal decision-making systems, which helps improve client experience and increase the business opportunities. As at the Latest Practicable Date, the Company has 62 registered software copyrights and four patents relating to the Data Insight Solutions and SaaS products. The success of the product and technology innovation has been recognized with various awards and honors.

Visionary Management and Talented Pool of Both IT and Healthcare Expertise

The Company is led by an experienced management team with a proven track record of driving innovation, growth and profitability focused on developing solutions using big data analytics and technological capabilities for healthcare industry participants. Mr. Wu, the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare and technology industries. The senior management team also works closely with the data technology experts and is able to provide valuable insight and guide the programs and processes to improve their accuracy, precisions, relevancy and efficiency. The team collectively understands the needs of the healthcare industry participants, and they are able to recognize and anticipate the direction of their needs, enabling it to continually develop and deliver solutions on a growing scale.

Going forward, in order to maintain and continuously strengthen the position as a pioneer healthcare data technology company in China, the Company will continue to invest in and expand the SaaS products in the healthcare industry to enhance their functionality and performance. At the same time, the Company will continue to focus on innovation and in-depth research of data technology and AI technology, deepen the understanding of the development trends of the healthcare industry in the PRC and the business models of different participants in the industry in order to develop the products and technologies, and continue to expand the client base and drive sales by leveraging the network effect and synergies among the business segments. In addition, the Company will continue to integrate technology, manpower and network resources to enhance the relationships with clients throughout China. The Company plans to further deepen and broaden the relationship with medical product manufacturers to promote the long-term client relationships.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sinohealth Holdings Limited, Mr. Wu Yushu said, "Since 2008, we have been focusing on data acquisition, data analytic application and resource integration. Leveraging on our big data and technologies, we offer comprehensive and integrated solutions that support healthcare industry participants, primarily focusing on healthcare insight solutions for sales and marketing of medical products and channels. As a healthcare insight solutions provider in China, we have been able to achieve sustainable growth through our powerful Healthcare Industry Participant Networks, an extensive, prestigious, and loyal client base, extensive network with big data, and visionary management and talented pool of both IT and healthcare expertise. We believe these competitive strengths are difficult to replicate and we are well positioned to capture the  significant growth potential of China's healthcare insight solutions market. We will be able to identify future trends and direction of this industry and capitalize on our strengths to increase our market share, striving for the best for our shareholders and investors."

Mr. Su Caihua (Chief Data Officer and Vice President), Mr. Wu Yushu(Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) and Ms. Yi Xuhui (Chief Finance Officer)
Mr. Su Caihua (Chief Data Officer and Vice President), Mr. Wu Yushu(Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) and Ms. Yi Xuhui (Chief Finance Officer)

Sinohealth Holdings Limited Fact Sheet

Information on the Global Offering

Number of Offer Shares under the Global



75,000,000 Shares (subject to the Over-

allotment Option)

Number of Hong Kong Offer Shares


7,500,000 Shares (subject to reallocation)

Number of International Placing Shares


67,500,000 Shares (subject to reallocation and
the Over-allotment Option)

Offer Price (subject to a
Downward Offer Price Adjustment)


Not more than HK$6.96 per Offer Share and
expected to be not less than HK$5.36 per Offer
Share, plus brokerage of 1%, SFC transaction
levy of 0.0027%, FRC transaction levy of
0.00015% and Stock Exchange trading fee of
0.005% (payable in full on application in Hong
Kong dollars and subject to refund) (If the Offer
Price is set at 10% below the bottom end of the
indicative Offer Price Range after making a
Downward Offer Price Adjustment, the Offer

Price will be HK$4.83 per Offer Share)

Board Lot



Start of the Hong Kong Public Offering


9:00 a.m., 28 June, 2022 (Tuesday)

End of the Hong Kong Public Offering


12:00 noon, 5 July, 2022 (Tuesday)

Announcement of Allotment Results


11 July, 2022 (Monday)

Expected Listing Date


12 July, 2022 (Tuesday)

Stock Code



Use of Proceeds:

Assuming an Offer Price of HK$6.16 per Offer Share, the Company estimates that it will receive net proceeds of approximately HK$395.4 million from the Global Offering after deducting the underwriting commissions and other estimated expenses paid and payable by the Company in connection with the Global Offering and assuming that the Over-allotment Option is not exercised. The Company intends to use the net proceeds for the following purposes:

Use of Proceeds

(HK$ million)

As a
Percentage of
Total Amount

- Upgrade and enhance the SaaS products, and their
marketing and promotion


50.8 %

- Conduct further research and development of the
technology and data warehouse


49.2 %


Source: Sinohealth Holdings Limited
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