Sorcia Minerals and the University of Santiago announce the signing of a R + D + I agreement in the extraction of lithium

A US mining company and a Chilean public university come together to produce 30% lithium chloride in an environmentally sustainable way
Sorcia Minerals
2020-11-19 08:00 1698

SANTIAGO, Chile, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SORCIA MINERALS LLC (SORCIA) and the UNIVERSITY OF SANTIAGO OF CHILE (USACH) signed a cooperation agreement for research, development and innovation (R+D+I) in the implementation of new mineral exploitation technologies. This will allow the sustainable commercial production of 30% lithium chloride, without using water present in the salars and with a reinjection of up to 90% of the brines in their natural state.

According to the agreement, the USACH will validate the lithium chloride extraction and production processes developed in a plant created by Sorcia / IBAT and implemented in the university-affiliated salars, which will enable the extraction of lithium in all salars, even those with low concentration.

The agreement also contemplates that internationally renowned panelists such as, Dr. John Burba, give a series of conferences at the USACH.

Ensorcia Group Chairman Daniel T. Layton said "We fully believe in the benefits of the partnership between the world of commerce and academia. We could not hope for a better partner than the USACH, with which we are sure that we will achieve great progress together. In the case of lithium, Chile is developing a new paradigm, one that respects the environment and the rights and health of indigenous peoples who live in ancestral sectors near the salars. We will offer a new approach that will keep Chile at the technological forefront of the lithium industry."

Jorge Torres Ortega, Vice President of the USACH said "we are very happy with this agreement which negotiation lasted a period of seven months and that will allow us to be a worldwide contribution in the development of clean technologies for the Lithium industry in Chile. The USACH will be an engine in the development of the country in conjunction with Sorcia, as well as with third parties, preferably Chilean national, in the development of cutting-edge technologies such as autonomous driving, electric car technology, artificial intelligence, battery manufacturing and recycling, improvements in solar panels, among others."

This agreement was reached after USACH carried out studies on different available technologies and decided on Sorcia / IBAT to develop a sustainable and environmentally conscious process.

Source: Sorcia Minerals