Sunmi enables digital transformation for merchants with Alipay face recognition-based payment technology

TAIPEI, , May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At COMPUTEX 2019 on May 28, 2019, Sunmi, a global IoT hardware technology leader, displayed a series of Alipay face recognition-based payment solutions and demonstrated the practical application of a brand-new payment method from mainland China.

Alipay's face recognition-based payment model is on-track to disrupt the market, in that the model is expected to deliver an unprecedented experience for shoppers. This cutting-edge technology, that had only been seen in futuristic type videos, has now become a reality, adding an unparalleled level of convenience when taking care of errands or shopping for something new, where shoppers can complete a purchase without a mobile phone or wallet.

On April 17, Sunmi Dragonfly was launched, signaling that Alipay's face recognition-based payment application has become available in the mainland Chinese market. Ant Financial Services also announced a plan to invest 3 billion yuan to popularize the application of the technology over the next three years. To date, more than a million users in 100 Chinese cities have already experienced the highly convenient payment method. In the new shopping scenario, Alipay provides the face recognition-based payment technology with a security shield, smart computing and an integrated risk management system designed to ensure data safety and accuracy. Sunmi's app market has become one of the world's largest commercial app stores in the B-to-B sector due to its comprehensive face recognition-based payment portfolio. By combining hardware and software, Sunmi gives partners and merchants easy access to the face recognition-based payment technology. Jointly promoted by Sunmi and Alipay, the technology has been widely used in supermarkets, government organizations, hospitals and hotels, and others. Sunmi has been partnering with Alipay build the face recognition-based payment ecosystem since 2017.

Sunmi has established a network of over 10,000 partners. During the exhibition, Sunmi, in cooperation with POS technology leaders Haiding, TCPOS and PC Mira, showcased select supermarket solutions integrating software and hardware in a move to help merchants achieve digital transformation.

Sunmi plans to continue serving offline merchants and creating a favorable ecosystem for them. The ecosystem allows shoppers to complete payments conveniently and efficiently without using any payment medium, while integrating online and offline information channels to promote digital transformation for offline merchants, connecting merchants' services with consumers and making it possible to engage in precision marketing campaigns targeting frequent visitors.

Source: Sunmi