Survey of Malaysian Businesses Reveals Only One Third Have a Basic Understanding of the Dark Web

Every Malaysia Business Must Be Vigilant Towards The Dark Web's Threat
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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --, one of the specialist portals of Asia Online Publishing Group, and Ingram Micro Malaysia Sdn Bhd are pleased to reveal the findings of their survey into corporate Malaysia's understanding of the dark web.

Ingram Micro’s Head of Security Practice Lester Leong, Demonstrates Just What Breached Data is Out There
Ingram Micro’s Head of Security Practice Lester Leong, Demonstrates Just What Breached Data is Out There

Melina Hwang, general manager at Asia Online Publishing Group (publisher of, explained, "The dark web has good and bad uses, but just like entering a 'bad part of town'. If you go there and you are not 'streetwise', you can expect to get into trouble." She went on, "Our survey explored how much Malaysian companies understood, not just about the what the dark web is, but also why and how it presents a risk to Malaysian businesses."

The survey revealed that only a third of respondents could accurately define what the dark web is and over 90% were unsure whether any of their data is "for sale" on the dark web.

BT Tay, Managing Director of Ingram Micro Malaysia, pointed out, "The dark web is a small but dangerous corner of the internet, it is not visible to normal search engines and not accessible with normal web browsers. It offers anonymity to visitors and that's why it appeals to cyber criminals as they can sell illegal goods and services without being traced." According to Tay, the dark web is a marketplace for stolen corporate data, with username and passwords readily available in return for some benefits.

He went on, "That's why Ingram are leading the way with threat intelligence, companies need to understand their dark web exposure and how to remediate when they discover breached data 'for sale'."

The survey also found that 85% of Malaysian businesses have no dark web strategy at all. AOPG's Hwang stressed on how important it is that business understand the risks, "Whether its ransomware as a service being sold to entrepreneurial cyber criminals through to the data stolen from companies on phishing sites, a lot of threats we see today start and end in the dark web. Companies need to better understand and be better prepared to monitor how their own online reputation is being exposed in the deep web."

At a recent event to a group of 20 security personnel from Malaysian businesses to pre-launch the survey findings, Hwang explained how Ingram Micro demonstrated some of the advanced threat intelligence tools they have at their disposal. "A representative volunteered to allow Ingram to search his company's domain on the dark web, the whole room was shocked when the live but real demo pulled up a list of usernames complete with passwords all pulled from the deep web."

The full survey write up can be downloaded from

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