Swim2u Swim School Receives Singapore SME 500 Award 2022 by ATC

2022-12-02 10:30 1496

SINGAPORE, Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Swim2u Swim School has announced that they have been honoured as a recipient of the Singapore SME 500 award by ATC (Association of Trade & Commerce) Singapore. The award recognises Singapore's Small-Medium enterprises that have been managed and developed effectively across various sectors and industries.

As a specialised swimming lesson provider in Singapore, Swim2u Swim School has been awarded the Singapore SME 500 Award 2022 by ATC based on the company's business adaptability, performance and cleared assessments. It's a well-recognised award in Singapore's trade and business community, which affirms the company's position within the industry and serves as a notable milestone in one's entrepreneurial journey. With this award, companies can expand on local and even global opportunities and business networks to bring the business to greater heights. The swim school has also received the Entrepreneur 100 award, which recognises organisations' corporate achievements, contributions to the industry, nation and community and policies that have led to the organisation's prosperity. The award is one of Singapore's most prestigious awards and the highest accolade for all entrepreneurs.

Swim2u Swim School focuses on personalised learning and provides seven customised swimming lessons in Singapore to meet individual students' needs. They provide classes ranging from swimming lessons for toddlers and swimming lessons for kids who require extra care during coaching, to swimming lessons for adults. There are also swimming lessons for ladies only, for students who prefer learning in an all-female environment.

Meanwhile, the school also offers the SwimSafer Programme, a six-stage water safety program for children below 16 years old that will allow them to evolve from being non-swimmers to good swimmers by guiding kids who might be new learners to grow comfortable in the pool. STA (UK) certifications and ActiveSG SwimSafer Certifications are also offered to students who completed the milestone in swimming.

The school's mission is to provide the highest quality swim lessons in a safe environment while providing the best experience for students, parents, and staff. With the Singapore SME 500 award, Swim2u hopes to continue encouraging its students to improve their swimming skills through its development programs. In the future, Swim2u Swim School hopes to continue providing specialised swimming classes and may expand to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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