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HONG KONG, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- HM International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8416)("HM") today announced that a controlled subsidiary - Talesis Limited (" TALESIS") was formed with Vico Systems Limited (" VICOSYS"), to bring digital innovation and most exciting opportunities that redefine the customer experience.

At HM, speed, accuracy and responsiveness are always the key for our clients. "We have been diligently and carefully looking for ways to streamline and automate our workflow due to our business nature. It did not take us long to realize the importance of identifying a right partner with technical know-how and expertise in information technology. Given the opportunities of partnering with VICOSYS on a few IT projects, we both strongly believe that our respective experiences and expertise will create unparalleled yet innovative solutions for our clients," said William Chan, CEO of HM.

HM and VICOSYS are really a perfect match for their similar business philosophy and strategic goals. With the partnership, the companies are even more strongly positioning themselves as a premium-quality solution provider of professional digital services. "TALESIS provides us with a powerful competitive advantage in the markets where HM has a strong presence, whilst strengths can be combined to strike a harmonious mix between both traditional printing and new media, keeping all our clients stay ahead of the highly competitive and dynamic business environment. We are ready, and we are confident in the collaboration to transform the existing ecosystem in the marketing industry," said Terence Chan, Co-founder of VICOSYS.

About HM 

HM is a leading business process outsourcing ("BPO") services provider in Hong Kong. It delivers best-in-class BPO solutions, covering both financial printing and marketing collateral printing projects as well as value-added new media services, such as website design, video production, e-book and APP production and electronic marketing presentation material production. The aim of HM is to fulfill the transformation needs of its diversified clientele, which include corporations that are listed or seeking to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and multinational financial institutions such as fund houses and insurance companies.

HM has offices in Hong Kong and Beijing.


Established in 2007, VICOSYS has been devoted to providing professional and innovative digital solutions to help companies stay ahead of the cutting edge business competitions. Our development team is comprised of highly professional developers and is committed to delivering high quality customized solutions to companies, start-ups and large corporations.

Today, VICOSYS is well established as a reliable and credible business partner and service provider of some of the top-notched companies across different business areas. With a prior track record to go off of, we gain recognition and reputation from present and long-term clients including Radio Television Hong Kong, Hong Kong Science Parks, Yahoo Hong Kong Limited, Prudential Hong Kong Limited, and Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited for being professional, dependable and flexible.

VICOSYS has offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Taipei.

William Chan

William has 20 years of progressive experience in the financial services industry and possesses profound knowledge in formulating and executing business strategies with proven success. He became the chief executive officer of HM since 2012 and is mainly responsible for the overall business management and steering the group through change to succeed. William is proficient in setting effective priorities and offering new recipes to transform organizational structures and responsibilities.

Caroline Chan

Caroline is the chief operations officer of HM who is responsible for establishing and maintaining the operational control of diverse business units. She is an experienced and efficient leader with excellent organizational skills and strong business acumen. Caroline's high level of competency in problem-solving and decision-making skills has also been demonstrated by her involvement in the group's expansion activities, which contributed in driving the extensive and sustainable growth of various businesses.

Terence Chan

Terence is the co-founder of VICOSYS, where he leads the company's Innovation and Strategy team and oversees the daily operations of the company. A careful and thorough IT specialist with deep expertise and over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Terence has the ability to innovate, challenge, change, push boundaries and steer his company to grow over the years.

Tife Chan

Tife, an accomplished IT expert who co-founded VICOSYS, is currently the Project Director of the company, and is responsible for leading the development team to accomplish the company's IT projects. He has more than 20 years of experience in project management, systems development life cycle (SDLC) and digital marketing solutions.

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