TankQ earned the Malaysia Book of Records for the first to offer a 'Portable Resilient Aquarium'

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- is recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records as the first to offer a 'Portable Resilient Tank' which is Malaysia's first portable, durable and affordable aquarium for homes and offices.

The team from TankQ and the representatives from The Malaysia Book Of Records with TankQ's founder, John Wong receiving the certificate.
The team from TankQ and the representatives from The Malaysia Book Of Records with TankQ's founder, John Wong receiving the certificate.

Owned by a young entrepreneur, John Wong, who had taken the bold step in venturing into providing aquariums with laminated-tempered glass, which is not easily breakable. "I see this as a specialty item, which although can be a little bit more pricy but is more durable and it will withstand for a couple years more than any other regular aquariums out there currently available in the market," claims Wong. "I came up with this idea as there are often cases of either children or adults, unknowingly knocking onto aquariums, thus, breaking the glass panel."

Recounting his foray into the business, Wong said he got hooked on aquariums since 13. "I observed how cumbersome it was to maintain an aquarium, let alone afford the pricy tag of owning one. I, then, spent the initial years gaining knowledge on the industry, the care, maintenance and costs involved before deciding to venture into the business on my own ten years ago," said Wong. Asked why he dared to venture into such a business, Wong said many homes and offices looked upon setting up aquariums which offered a destressing & calming effect.

Wong believes aquariums help improve one's physical and mental well-being; improve people's mood where there is reductions in heart rates and blood pressure; enhances family-bonding; and educates on the eco-system. "Aquariums are also ideal for research on marine husbandry, its life cycles, reproduction, behaviour, autecology and fish pathology. Exorbitant costs of owning and maintaining aquariums may be a thing of the past as the company's aquarium specialist has initiated an ingenious purchase plan so that the public aquariums will become affordable," said Wong.

The ambitious John Wong, the man behind, is also offering enthusiasts free units of the other products which are the Reef Tanks - provided they engage his services. Probably the first of its kind in Asia, Wong's will offer complimentary aquariums with an easy-to-pay and affordable scheme. "All they need to do is secure our affordable scheme and leave the rest to us. Our reef tanks come complete with fish, sand, corals, piping, protein skimmer, chiller, nitrate reactor and installation," said Wong, a father of two, whose company offers training and employment to local youths. Wong said a basic reef tank could incur an estimated RM1,800 a month in maintenance fees.

His ambitious project that is already in the pipeline is setting his sights on building a public aquarium, much like the one in Zoo Negara in five years. "Interested investors who aspire to realize this aspiration, are most welcomed to contact me," said Wong.

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