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This 68 Year Old Single Malt celebrates the journeys of distillery forefather James "The Major" Grant with all proceeds benefiting the Distillers' Charity

ROTHES, Scotland, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Glen Grant Single Malt Scotch Whisky, located in the heart of Speyside, today reveals The Visionary, a one-of-a-kind release created exclusively for the Distillers One of One Auction on 5th October 2023.

The Visionary
The Visionary


The Visionary by The Glen Grant is a truly scarce and remarkable creation representing the only ever release of this unique 68-year-old whisky from a single cask.  Presented within a splendid Victoriana-influenced design reflecting a pivotal era in the history of the Glen Grant, this single malt is amongst one of the oldest whiskies ever to be released by the distillery. 

The captivating tales of James 'The Major' Grant's worldly travels, serve as inspiration for each whisky nurtured and preserved at The Glen Grant distillery.  Driven by passion and curiosity, 'The Major's' explorations to faraway lands defined the formative era of this single malt, as he collected and preserved an exquisite array of exotic plants and flowers which he brought back to the glasshouses of the distillery in his beloved 27-acre Garden of Splendours.

In paying homage to this unrelenting passion and honouring a definitive legacy, The Glen Grant The Visionary 68-Years-Old captures the true spirit of 'The Major's' adventures, his vision and his commitment to nature and conservation. 

Taking inspiration from the very vessels in which 'The Major' brought back his discoveries, the innovative hand -blown battuto-cut magnum decanter, another first for The Glen Grant, takes cues from rich Victoriana, including ornate plant stands and eccentric preservation jars.  The statuesque 1.6L decanter suspends the spirit within the glass structure as if it was itself a rare plant or flower. Housed within a period-inspired presentation case, similar to the traditional Victorian travel trunk which 'The Major' himself would have taken on his worldly adventures.

A precious stone Malachite stopper and base reflect the influence of copper, celebrating our taller-necked copper stills which capture a finer, gentler spirit cut that is bursting with orchard fruits to create our signature aromatic and evocative character defined by delicate fruity, floral, and nutty notes.

Matured in a single sherry cask number 835 and filled in 1955, this rare whisky captures hues of Autumn gold, reflective of leaves within the Gardens of Splendours.  At 68 Years Old, the aroma begins with soft ripe orchard fruits and merges seamlessly into buttery, toffee notes, with a delicate touch of smoke.  To taste, there is a good balance of fruity vanilla with sweet Sherry and the finish is rich and robust, making for a long and lasting mouthfeel defined by sweet dried fruits, a touch of spice and soft smokiness. 

All proceeds from the Distillers One of One auction will be donated to The Distillers' Charity, which is transforming the life chances of young people in Scotland, by helping them to develop knowledge, confidence, resilience and skills to set them up for life and work. The Youth Action Fund - established by The Distillers' Charity with the support of Inspiring Scotland as a vehicle to distribute funds from the One of One Auctions - has assembled a panel of complementary charity partners, each providing expertise and experience, in achieving sustainable employability outcomes for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Tasting notes

Colour   Rich Autumn gold 

Aroma     Soft ripe orchard fruits interlaced with buttery toffee notes and a delicate touch of smoke.

Taste    Fruity vanilla balanced perfectly with toffee and sweet Sherry.

Finish      Long lasting, rich and robust with a touch of spice and soft smokiness

ABV:       49.2%

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Brothers James and John Grant built The Glen Grant in 1840, the first distillery in the town of Rothes in Speyside. They left a legacy of ingenuity by engineering the first northern railroad and introducing electric light to both the distillery and the entire town.  In 1872, heir James 'The Major' Grant, a charismatic innovator and adventurous traveller, inherited the business. Through his intrepid journeys to destinations around the world, he made inspiring discoveries which led to the creation of his beloved 27-acre Garden of Splendours, the only distillery garden of its kind in Scotland.  Inspired by his splendid garden, he envisioned a distinctive single malt, engineering tall, slender pot stills combined with unique water-cooling purifiers to create the evocative flavour profile that defines The Glen Grant Single Malt Scotch Whisky to this day.

Now, it is iconic master distiller Dennis Malcolm OBE, the single longest-serving distiller in Scotland, who honours the passionate spirit of The Glen Grant. His life's work, along with the team at the Glen Grant, is in combining tradition and innovation to preserve the rare character of the whiskies, which are crafted from barley to bottle entirely on the distillery grounds, ultimately ensuring the utmost quality.


Source: The Glen Grant