The Korea Ginseng Association, Introduces the History and Value of the Korean Ginseng

The Korea Ginseng Association
2019-09-16 11:00 1422

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Korea Ginseng Association is giving an impetus to promotion of Korean ginseng with its 1,000-year history. As part of such efforts, the Association is introducing the history and value of the Korean ginseng.

Korean Ginseng
Korean Ginseng

Ginseng is widely known as the elixir of immortality, which was pursued by Qin Shi Huang. It is said that Samsinsan found by Seobuk was actually Jirisan or Hallasan. There is also a story that Seobuk and his party arrived at Seogwipo Jeongbang Falls shoreline and found plant of eternal youth at Hallasan. Based on this, Seobok Memorial Hall is built in Seogwipo. In Journey to the West, one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature, also tells the story of Sun Wukong suffering trouble caused by his greed for ginseng, which is described as a mysterious elixir.

In 19th century Vietnam, Emperor Minh Mang often enjoyed traditional healthy drink 'Minh Mang Thang' made with various traditional medicine and ginseng. Korean ginseng was the most important ingredient.

Korean ginseng was famous among the royal court and upper classes of the West. Since Louis XIV of France received ginseng as a gift from Thai ambassador in 1686, the French and English people's interest in ginseng has been significantly increased. France's upper class recognized ginseng as a plant of eternal youth from the orient. Ginseng was also included as an important collection of the Royal Society, founded in 1660. In modern times, ginseng again became the center of attention as Pope John Paul II enjoyed red ginseng tea and President Francois Miteran took Korean Ginseng.

Ginseng is a plant that has been meticulously studied worldwide and many studies have shown that Korean ginseng, in particular, contains various ingredients such as saponin (ginsenoside) to boost immunity, help with fatigue, and improve blood circulation, memory, antioxidant / anti-aging, and bone health.

"For all times and places, Korean ginseng was perceived as a cure-all," said Mr Ban, Sangbae, the President of The Korea Ginseng Association. "Korean ginseng is recognized for its excellent quality and we at The Korea Ginseng Association strive to convey its history, value, and information correctly."

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Source: The Korea Ginseng Association