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SINGAPORE, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The new Geberit Sigma 21 actuator plate for concealed cisterns offers a multitude of designs that instantly modernises the bathroom for 2020 and beyond.

Geberit Sigma 21 actuator plates in trendy, natural textures - mustang slate, dark rock and grey linen.
Geberit Sigma 21 actuator plates in trendy, natural textures - mustang slate, dark rock and grey linen.

2020 is an exciting year for one-of-a-kind bathroom designs. It is the time to express individuality and make bold, unique statements in design. Quality products also remain highly sought-after. After all, a reliable piece that stands the test of time never goes out of style.

As society becomes more eco-conscious, interior design trends also evolve to include more natural textures. Specifically, biophilic interior designs are all the rage as it brings nature into modern spaces with a luxurious twist. Biophilic bathrooms are the ideal sanctuaries to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Creating trendy, modern bathroom designs with 'character' could require immense planning from professionals, but it does not have to.

21st century minimalism

Concealed cisterns are a staple when it comes to minimalist, modern water closets. The only part of the toilet that is visible is the flush plate, therefore creating the perfect opportunity get creative and make a statement.

Updated by renowned product designer, Christoph Behling, the new Geberit Sigma 21 actuator plate adds a trendy accent to the bathroom. The designer for luxury watchmaker, Tag Heuer, Behling's designs capture a timeless elegance that is also intuitive and user-oriented.

With a sleek glass finishing embellished with reflective metal details, the Sigma 21 has a sophisticated design with precise cuts – perfect to accent any modern bathroom. The two embedded flush buttons with metallic rings stylishly contrast with the cover. Additionally, the flush plate is available in an impressive range of colours and materials (over 12 excluding customisable designs) to match virtually any style. However, three variants stand out to match 2020 trends – mustang slate, dark rock and grey linen.


Increasingly, raw elements such as wood, metal, stone and even linen are used to marry design and nature in bathroom designs.

The slate and dark rock variants of the Sigma 21 were designed to accentuate biophilic designs with their unique, natural textures. Interestingly, the mustang slate variant is actually made of high quality, fine-textured slate, and is the first actuator plate to be made of a natural material at Geberit. Chic grey linen is also trending in 2020 interior design as it adds a tasteful touch of texture to the bathroom design.

Stay timeless

The plates are constructed from first-class materials, as expected from the classic Geberit standard. In fact, the Sigma 21 actuator plates are the highest quality flush plates at Geberit to date. The flush plates have exceptional surface finishes that are easy to maintain and are highly durable, characteristic of high-quality die-cast zinc and chamfered safety glass. Finally, individual parts of the flush plate are meticulously assembled by hand, ensuring each plate meets the highest possible standards.

The perfect finishing touch

The Sigma 21 actuator plate is here to take centre stage in the contemporary bathroom of 2020 and beyond.

About Geberit

Since 1874. Geberit has been the European market leader in bathroom ceramics and sanitary technology by creating state-of-the-art innovations. Sustainability has always been a part of the brand's identity. Geberit devotes itself to creating sustainable products with low energy and water consumption and ecologically friendly materials. "LEED" in the USA, "MINERGIE" in Switzerland, "Green Mark" in Singapore and the "German Sustainable Building Certificate" are some building certificates that Geberit products achieved. A true expert in this field, Geberit is constantly setting new standards for quality products that ensure greater efficiency, higher reliability, and superior performance.

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