Think, Do, and Innovate-Tank

The new SPF slogan
2021-09-01 13:12 708

TOKYO, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Minato-ku, President Atsushi Sunami) is pleased to announce a new foundation slogan that captures the essence of our organization: Think, Do, and Innovate-Tank.

SPF acts not only as a "think tank" that conducts research and formulates proposals based on a high degree of expertise in global issues, but also as a "do tank" that is rooted in the field and integrates the priorities and perspectives of communities on the ground in collaboration with partners around the world. Through this integrated approach, we envision a more harmonious world that transcends differences in politics, values, religions, race, and beyond, while also providing space for all living things to coexist and thrive. In order to realize this vision, SPF strives to incorporate innovation into all aspects of our work, which is reflected in our adoption of the new phrase "innovate-tank."

Upon assuming the post of SPF president last year and with an eye toward the post-COVID-19 era, Dr. Sunami launched an ambitious initiative to examine the foundation's programs as part of a broader reassessment of SPF's role as a private foundation dedicated to international affairs. At the same time, SPF moved forward with efforts to strengthen the foundation's brand identity to foster a better understanding of our work. The presentation of this new slogan is a central element of these efforts. SPF selected "Think, Do, and Innovate-Tank" following an extensive foundation-wide recruitment process and several rounds of screening.

This year marks 35 years since SPF's founding on September 1, 1986. We are eager to utilize our new slogan and encourage all of our staff members to work together to promote SPF and make ever greater contributions to the international community. We look forward to your continued support by sharing news about SPF's work.

About the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF)

Established in 1986, SPF has worked since its inception to advance international exchange and cooperation. We leverage the unique freedom our status as a private foundation grants us to explore innovative solutions and approaches for addressing a wide range of issues facing the world today in partnership with a diverse community of domestic and international collaborators.

Source: The Sasakawa Peace Foundation