Time-in-View Metric Debuts in Indonesia to Explore Consumer Attention

The latest IAS Media Quality benchmarks are now available for viewability, brand safety, ad fraud and time-in-view across all digital environments and channels
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2019-08-09 09:00 1949

SINGAPORE, Aug. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Integral Ad Science (IAS) released the latest Media Quality Report benchmarks for Indonesia, on key factors that erode the value of digital advertising. The latest report includes viewability, fraud, brand safety, and for the first time ever, time-in-view.

According to eMarketer, digital ad spending in Indonesia will reach US$639.9 million this year, making it the second largest digital advertising market in Southeast Asia behind Thailand. Over one-fifth of total media ad spending in Indonesia will be devoted to digital advertising. On a global scale, digital ad spending will rise from US$280 billion in 2018 to almost US$330 billion in 2019. With spending and investments increasing on digital, the risk quotient for the medium has become higher. Ensuring high levels of media quality and low digital waste have become important to drive trust and quality outcomes for the advertisers, who are increasingly being asked to quantify ROI and are constantly exploring right metrics to do so.

The need to demonstrate impact is driving a shift in how marketers seek to measure the quality of their digital investments and this is where time-in-view as a metric will help. Time-in-view is the average duration that a viewable impression remained in view. This average excludes impressions that were not viewable according to the MRC standard in the calculation. The IAS report benchmarks a correlation between time-in-view and conversions and increased brand recall.

Time-in-view in Indonesia

Our introductory time-in-view metrics in Indonesia report higher exposure time for ads on mobile web display as compared to desktop display; publisher direct performed better on both desktop display and mobile web display in Indonesia, the highest being 17.67 sec for publisher direct on mobile web display as compared to 12.87 sec on desktop display.



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"As we've been studying how to better quantify attention over the years, we have found that shifting the focus from impressions to time-based metrics can make a real impact for advertisers," said Laura Quigley, MD South East Asia at IAS. "Exposure time directly impacts the effectiveness of campaigns. This is precisely why we thought it was so important to begin offering these metrics in our Media Quality benchmarks. This data offers advertisers in Indonesia the foundation needed for better understanding of consumer attention moving forward."


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