Top finds at 9FJ's Designer Atelier

Emerging creative talents add sparkle to Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair --September

HONG KONG, Aug. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Promising designers and artisans will present their contemporary and fresh approach to fashion jewellery and accessories when the industry's most forward-thinking sourcing event opens its doors on September 16.

Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair - September (9FJ), scheduled for September 16 to 19 at the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE), will bring together about 250 established manufacturers, design talents and artisanal brands. The event will be held concurrently with the world's ultimate jewellery marketplace – the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

One of 9FJ's attractions is the Designer Atelier, a space created specifically for artisans, independent design studios and artists.

Here's a glimpse of the latest collections of Designer Atelier exhibitors who are steadily making their presence felt through their distinctive signature styles.

Manlam Tsui

‘Dip Art’ fashion jewellery collections by Manlam Tsui
‘Dip Art’ fashion jewellery collections by Manlam Tsui

Designer Manlam Tsui says sculpting copper wire and dipping it into liquid resin to create stunning blooms is her favourite means of self-expression. After drying and moulding each component – a petal or a leaf – the designer assembles them into floral accessories resembling roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, daffodils and hydrangeas.

"I have chosen copper wire and resin to create my craft brand. This is a technique called Dip Art or 'American flower,'" Tsui shares. "The whole process is akin to weaving my dreams using metal wire and then preserving them in resin forever. My dreams are transformed into real, three-dimensional pieces."

At 9FJ, the designer will put her team's handcrafted flowers into the spotlight. "Because the materials are highly malleable, they can be shaped into all kinds of blossoms upon request. Customers may also provide us with a design reference, and we will create their dream accessories for them."

Dip Art was first introduced in Hong Kong in the 1980s but its popularity has waned in recent years for various reasons, she says. Tsui hopes her contemporary collections will revive interest in dipped flower craft, which appeals to consumers' desire for personalisation.

"Demand for customised jewellery is growing," she says. "Consumers tend to select accessories in unique styles and limited-edition collections. Even during the buying experience, they want to add design elements to their purchases to differentiate themselves from others. I believe this will further drive the popularity of technologies that enable customised jewellery design and production."                                                                     

Candy Ma

Candy Ma
Candy Ma

Creating fashion jewellery pieces that can elevate the most basic looks is right up Candy Ma's alley. To this designer, jewellery and accessories are wardrobe staples that can add just the right amount of glam to any ensemble.

"Our brand philosophy is 'Wearable jewellery for every day.'  Our jewellery collections go perfectly well with office wear and weekend outfits," Ma says. "The main trends will be dominated by practical jewellery designed for individuals leading active lifestyles."

At 9FJ, the designer will present silver jewellery set incorporating Swarovski crystal tubes.

Kennis Yeung

Freshwater pearl bracelets and earrings by Kennis Yeung of Sakinya Workshop
Freshwater pearl bracelets and earrings by Kennis Yeung of Sakinya Workshop

To Kennis Yeung, nothing spells understated elegance more than cultured pearls. The designer, who heads Sakinya Workshop, will launch freshwater pearl and sterling silver jewellery that can be worn with virtually every item in one's wardrobe – from workwear to distressed jeans and tees.

"Pearls are simple and are a classic choice. They will never go out of fashion," Yeung says.

Sakinya Workshop's collections focus on three styles: Versatile, romantic and glamorous.


Source: Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair - September 2019