TPIsoftware and HES FinTech Forge Strategic Partnership to Transform Fintech in APAC and Europe

2023-11-28 11:11 1172

TAIPEI, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- TPIsoftware, the forward-thinking enterprise software company leading the way in digital transformation, has announced recently a new strategic partnership with HES FinTech, a leading digital lending platform provider, to trigger fintech disruption across the Asia-Pacific region and Europe through leveraging fintech expertise and market insights of the both.

This partnership aligns with both TPIsoftware and HES FinTech's commitment to expanding their global footprint. In addition to its strong presence in APAC with subsidiaries in Singapore, Vietnam and Japan and Thailand, TPIsoftware has been going full steam ahead to map its partner networks in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and more in recent years. This strategic alliance signifies an important milestone for TPIsoftware, as it is its first time ever to tap into the European market. The strategic alliance is poised to empower TPIsoftware to extend its global reach into Europe, and HES FinTech to penetrate the Asian market.

By leveraging the strengths of both entities, the synergy is expected to bring forth financial ecosystem innovation for the BFSI sector with the pre-integration of TPIsoftware's enterprise API management platform digiRunner and HES FinTech's lending-as-a-service platform Loanbox. The pre-integrated platform is set to ensure enhanced lending workflow and data exchange with optimized efficiency, security, flexibility and customer experience, and ultimately deliver exceptional value to the fintech space.

LoanBox is an all-encompassing lending platform featuring a holistic suite of financial tools and industry know-how. Designed for the modern needs of alternative lenders and neo-banks, LoanBox offers comprehensive modules, including loan origination, management, servicing, collection, BI reporting, and AI scoring.

digiRunner, an AWS and ISO 27001 certified cloud-native API management platform, meets the highest industry standards of Open Banking to provide robust security and regulatory compliance, which is crucial for lending software. It acts as the middle platform and the backbone to make Loanbox services more complete to end users by ensuring seamless integration with financial institutions, credit bureaus etc in an efficient and secure way, as lending software requires access to data from multiple sources. Also, the authentication and authorization features allow Loanbox to deal with sensitive financial data. Moreover, digiRunner further enables service flexibility and innovation by allowing Loanbox to integrate with other systems such as AI-enhanced scoring software to streamline operations.

The tie-up kicked off based on a recent cross-national project collaboration in Thailand by assisting a Thailand-based consumer finance company in developing a cloud-based new loan management system to facilitate core modernization and business model reinvention, which has exemplified the powerful synergy between TPIsoftware and HES FinTech and their market-proven product capabilities. 

"Our alliance with TPIsoftware allows for a seamless integration of LoanBox and other pivotal systems into the IT environments of our largest clients. With LoanBox at the forefront of the lending process, digiRunner ensures unparalleled data security, addressing potential data risks. This partnership paves the way for swift lending product testing, immediate user feedback collection, and efficient data communication with key systems. Clients can now leverage state-of-the-art tools without the need for extensive system modifications or significant investment, all while maintaining data integrity and brand reputation." said Ivan Kovalenko, Co-founder of HES FinTech.

Ben Yao, CEO of TPIsoftware, added: "We're delighted to announce this partnership with HES FinTech, the region's leading fintech expert, to empower lending businesses to stay competitive, compliant, and responsive to market demands. Together, we will leverage our fintech capabilities to deliver top-notch services and unlock new opportunities, strengthening our position as a leader in the fintech sector."

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