Tuya Partners with XanLite to Develop IoT Products in the Western European Market

2019-12-05 22:59 1008

PARIS, Dec. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Global IoT leader Tuya Smart announced today that it has partnered with Belgian lighting company XanLite to develop IoT products in the Western European market. Already a leading player in LED lighting, XanLite is transitioning from traditional lighting to smart lighting and other smart, IoT products in the coming years.

"Automation and Smart Homes are growing trends in Europe," said XanLite Director of Import and Export Jerome Haddad, "XanLite is not only striving to become the top-tier lighting company, but to also offer more categories of smart home products. Given Tuya's leadership and their reliable IoT platform, they are the best choice for a strategic partner in the IoT space."

This partnership is the latest in Tuya's Nebula Project, designed to help partners become leading IoT providers in their local markets. The Nebula Project aims to support 22 global brands to become the top IoT brand in their local market, and influencing over 100 brands worldwide with Powered by Tuya products by the end of 2019.

"XanLite has already achieved market share as a top-tier lighting provider in Belgium," said Tina Yu, Tuya's General Manager of Europe and Asia. "By helping them grow into Western Europe's leading IoT provider, we're also validating Tuya as the premier IoT platform in the region."

As part of their partnership, Tuya and XanLite will also explore ways to expand the global smart home market, providing consumers with more choices and a better experience when shopping for IoT products.

About Tuya

Tuya provides a global-leading AI+IoT platform that brings smart products to life for manufacturers, brands, OEMs and retail chains. The platform offers hardware access, cloud services and app development. Tuya also helps brands upgrade their technology and business models, enabling them to deliver smart devices to meet consumer demand. The company serves more than 180,000 clients in over 190 countries powering products such as lighting, appliances, environmental and surveillance equipment. Tuya is internationally operated, with local headquarters in the U.S., China, Germany, Japan, and India.

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Source: Tuya Smart