TVB New Media Group Limited of TVB, The leading broadcaster in Hong Kong, Picks eCloudvalley for its cloud transformation

2018-08-22 09:27 1678

HONG KONG, Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Nowadays, "cloud" is an inevitable starting point when we are talking about digital transformation. According to a survey from KPMG, over 90% of CEOs from Hong Kong and mainland China are embracing the opportunities brought by technological disruption. However, despite the benefits and competitiveness ahead, it's never an easy task. It is inevitable that companies had to change amidst challenges and varying trend. And TVB, the leading television broadcast station and content provider in Hong Kong, is of no exception.

Being a market leader, TVB has been striving to provide services that accomodate the dynamic viewing habit of consumers in accordance with the latest trend. In 2017, TVB rolled out Big Big Channel, a mobile app that offers a live broadcast platform for TVB artistes/KOL to interact with viewers. With an increasing number of services putting on-line, Big Big Channel requires strengthened IT support. In light of this, TVB has established TVB New Media Group Limited (TVBNMG), a fully-owned subsidiary responsible for supporting all the technology and engineering of Big Big Channel. Although TVB chose AWS (Amazon Web Services) as the computing platform, it still encounters some challenges.

eCloudvalley's Solution

With deep expertise in AWS, eCloudvalley provides solutions to optimize the utilization of AWS and foster the culture of DevOps in TVBNMG. Firstly, they dockerize the existing instances into Amazon EC2 Container Services(ECS), enabling TVBNMG to easily move to microservices architecture. Secondly, through infrastructure as a code(IaC), performance testing, UAT and staging become much easier. Further on, they also help TVBNMG build the continuous monitoring and compliance. During the project, eCloudvalley's DevOps consulting and implementation services have helped TVBNMG develop a CI/CD workflow which improves efficiency and agility.

Benefits from the change

TVBNMG, eCloudvalley and AWS together worked as a team and sailed smoothly through the project. The new architecture allows TVBNMG to lower its cost on the cloud, improve its operational efficiency, and achieve higher scalability. 60% of IT cost is saved after TVBNMG migrated the infrastructure into microservices architecture. 

This project also brings the DevOps practices into TVBNMG, increasing organization's ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. Time to deploy software changes went from hours to minutes, and each team can now develop and update its respective applications independently.

"The result of collaboration is satisfying," said Rex Ching, Head of Technical Engineering of TVBNMG.

"It totally changes how we work, speeds up IT Delivery and time-to-market profoundly, which helps us focus on the core value of business."

Source: eCloudvalley