UNIPAC's customized packaging solution gets recognition

2018-11-21 09:00 1454

With the largest stand-alone production site in Korea and super-sized injection molding machines, UNIPAC provides supplies to domestic and international corporates

DAEGU, South Korea, Nov. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- UNIPAC CO.,LTD., which develops and produces plastic packaging (pallets, cases), is receiving acclamation for its customized packaging solution.


As the largest stand-alone plastic packaging factory in Korea of 46,280 m2, UNIPAC operates super-sized injection molding machines of 7000 tons, preparing for the international competition. UNIPAC has developed its competitive edge as a chemical company specializing in plastic molding using only high-quality materials to produce environmentally friendly plastic packaging.

UNIPAC's unique customized solution system allows packaging that are personalized to each client, which have garnered positive responses. UNIPAC has currently partnered with Samsung SDI, LG chemicals, SK chemicals, Lotte Chemical, Daerim, Samyang, Hyundai Mobis, Kumho Petrochemical, and Hanwha. It is also the first Korean plastic packaging company to contract exclusive partnership with Japan's Sumitomo Seika Polymers Korea , providing all their packaging supplies.

UNIPAC( plastic products serve diverse industrial standards and purposes, meeting regional standard specifications for Europe and Asia, in addition to several patented materials. The high production rate of OEM made possible by the largest production scale in Korea has led to the strong customer base.

In addition to pallets, the jumbo box series, super-oversized plastic boxes that can accommodate agricultural products and other industrial needs, are another the key products at UNIPAC. The box series is popular both domestically and internationally as it uses high-quality PPC materials safe for liquid and chemical agents, and is able to effectively distribute, store, and transport foods, agriculture products, and other industrial raw materials.

UNIPAC is the only manufacturer of 1100L level trashcan in Korea. UNIPAC's continued investment in environment-friendly technology have resulted in the systemic food waste collection and related products, such as recycle sorting containers and trash receptacles for automatized collection systems. 

An UNIPAC official commented: "UNIPAC provides total packaging solutions from designing to the final products, catering to the characteristics of each industry, providing high-quality products at reasonable prices that satisfy all clients." And added, "We aim to expand our market base beyond Korea; with our long-time experience and the newest technology in plastic packaging, including eco-friendly products, we are ready to take on the global market including Asia and Australia".

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