Using Technology to Drive Positive Environmental Change

SINGAPORE, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Technology and industry play an increasingly crucial role in everyday life. New technologies have enabled a fourth industrial revolution to begin, creating a hyper efficient and connected world that is set to improve not only the way that organizations function, but also the way that people around the world work, live, and play. While organizations are still faced with the challenge of running commercially viable yet environmentally sustainable businesses. There is a growing number of products that are using technology to provide equivalent levels of performance while using less energy and resources.

Technology is also providing businesses with greater insight into their equipment and processes, allowing engineers to maximize production efficiency by using data strategically plan every aspect of the production process; from start-up and peak output to maintenance and down-time.

Efficiency without Compromising Performance

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of oil-free compressed air solutions, CompAir by Gardner Denver combines a culture of quality and innovation with a deep understanding of our customers operational and business needs. This approach has allowed us to remain at the forefront of oil-free compressor technology and develop products that provide real world benefits to our customers; offering unique and innovative products such as the Ultima(TM) range of oil-free compressors.

Ultima Oil-free Compressor
Ultima Oil-free Compressor

Featuring a groundbreaking design, the all new Ultima(TM) range utilizes two high speed, highly efficient motors that combine with the high efficiency dry screw airends. Maximum efficiency is provided by the intelligent on-board controller, which perfectly matches the delivery ratio by individually monitoring and controlling the speed of each stage. By varying the speed of the oil-free compressor, the Ultima(TM) achieves the highest levels of productivity across the full turndown range.

Fitted with the GD Pilot XTC(TM) touch screen controller, Ultima(TM) provides the ability to monitor the installation's operational parameters, and connects to iConn--the real-time monitoring service that provides in-depth, real-time knowledge about the system. This proactive, smart technology provides total peace-of-mind, ensuring that production planning is protected by precise statistics and insight generated by the controller. This data keeps users informed about performance and highlights any cause for concern before a problem arises.

Setting the Standard

Air purity is a critical for a range of production processes where even the smallest drop of oil can lead to product contamination, equipment damage, or a decrease in efficiency. PureAir oil-free compressors set the standards for air purity and are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified, offering 100% pure, oil free air providing customers with:

  • Lower Maintenance Cost & Energy Savings – A true oil-free compressor does not have oil in the compression chamber. This minimizes downstream filtration requirements and pressure drops, which directly translates into energy savings and a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Increased Sustainability – With 100% contaminant free air, we are confident that your compressed air system will run as clean and efficient as possible.
  • Zero Risk Of Contamination – Some processes need clean, dry, oil-free air that cannot risk contamination.

With an oil-free compressor, you get peace of mind in your system and for your business.

When customers choose CompAir, they are guaranteed to get the best possible solution regardless of industry or application. From food & beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare to electronic, automotive and power generation, our PureAir oil-free compressors help customers around the globe sustainably and efficiently exceed their quality and production objectives.

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Gardner Denver (NYSE: GDI) is a leading global provider of mission-critical flow control and compression equipment and associated aftermarket parts, consumables and services, which it sells across multiple attractive end-markets within the industrial, energy and medical industries. Its broad and complete range of compressor, pump, vacuum and blower products and services, along with its application expertise and over 155 years of engineering heritage, allows Gardner Denver to provide differentiated product and service offerings for its customers' specific uses. Gardner Denver supports its customers through its global geographic footprint of 41 key manufacturing facilities, more than 30 complementary service and repair centers across six continents, and approximately 6,700 employees world-wide.

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