Vietnam's First Deeptech-focused Meetup Hosted by SGInnovate and YellowBlocks

2019-07-16 02:00 2011

HO CHI MINH, Vietnam, July 16, 2019  /PRNewswire/ -- Alongside the first emerging tech ecosystem connector in Vietnam - YellowBlocks, deep tech investor and ecosystem builder SGInnovate will be hosting the industry's first-ever Vietnam Deeptech Ecosystem Meetup. Happening this July 18th, 2019 at WeWork in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Deeptech Ecosystem Meetup is the first official event in Vietnam to foster the quality conversations between the high-level stakeholders in deep tech scene.

Since its inception in November 2016, SGInnovate has invested in more than 50 deep tech startups working on areas such as artificial intelligence, quantum technology and medtech. Backed by the Singapore Government, SGInnovate has also built a robust deep tech ecosystem - in collaboration with international entities such as multinationals, governments, research institutes and other ecosystem players. Just last month, SGInnovate signed a Memorandum of Intent with Vietnam's Ministry of Planning and Investment to collaborate on multiple fronts, with the sole purpose of building quality deep tech startups.

"We have seen the burgeoning growth of the tech ecosystem here in Vietnam - and specifically in deep tech in the last few years. And we do see many possibilities for us to work with key players and exchange our experiences here.We are excited to be hosting the first-ever deep tech ecosystem meetup here, which is just the start of many other collaborations in the future," said SzeKi Sim, Head of Brand, SGInnovate.

Doan Kieu My, YellowBlocks' founder, spoke of this collaboration, "Our mission is to Connect the Connectors, harnessing the power of high-level network collaborations and facilitating win-win-win partnerships. It is our great honor to be a supporting force for SGInnovate' community initiatives in Vietnam and South East Asia."

YellowBlocks' Ecosystem meetup is the initiative to connect global and local leading names in an unprecedented format: high-level delegates in a cosy networking ambience and a lot of quick-paced keynotes from thought leaders. Previously, YellowBlocks was also the first official partner in Vietnam to bring CoinMarketCap - the leading name in data news for blockchain space - to host the first Vietnam Blockchain Ecosystem Meetup in Vietnam in January 2019.

The inaugural Vietnam Deeptech Ecosystem Meetup this July 18 welcomes 100+ ecosystem stakeholders, high-level decision makers, and community leaders. It also marked the official launch of ABCD Tech community - which focuses in connecting different communities in AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data. Speakers include representatives from SGInnovate, YellowBlocks, Women in Tech Vietnam, ImprintCS, Startup Vietnam Foundation, Chaka Foundation, Vulcan Augmetics, Vietnam Social Health Revolution, RMIT University, ImagineX Ventures, WeTrust and Blockchain Centre Singapore. Among the partners for the event was Viettel, DragonChain, LAToken, Schoolab, CIO Academy Asia, Token Market, Topica...

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