Vietnam to transform the world's beauty pageant industry with Miss Global 2023, supported by the UN

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Vietnam has made major changes to the global beauty rankings through remarkable achievements in recent international pageants. Grasping that opportunity, Vietnam announced to host Miss Global - one of the world's most prestigious beauty pageants in 2023 for women and single moms aged 18-35. This year, the contest has gained the commitment to be accompanied and supported by international organizations from the United Nations, including UNESCO and Human Rights.

2023 will be the year of the 10th anniversary of Miss Global, attracting 100 contestants from different nations. Each contestant has her own strengths and has thorough preparation for Miss Global 2023.    

Miss Global 2022 – Shane Tormes from the Philippines
Miss Global 2022 – Shane Tormes from the Philippines

Solid support system

Mr. Keita S. Cheick - Ambassador of Human Rights Organization from the United Nations - believes that Miss Global 2023 in Vietnam can convey deep meanings when dedicating to women empowerment, wellness and Vietnam as a whole. The country itself is unique and culturally significant with long history and strategic geographical location, breathtaking landscapes, along with rapid economic growth despite the unprecedented challenges of Covid-19 pandemic. This partnership will be an exciting journey for the United Nations with Miss Global and Vietnam, as this contest can spread the message of culture and happiness of women and young people to the world.

Desire to be different

To start the series of outstanding, modern and impressive events, especially the finale, capturing tens of thousands of spectators' attention, Miss Global organizer began with a top-notch visual launching, using unique mapping technologies to reminisce a cultural, fashion and artistic atmosphere that no other event or pageant has ever done. In order to show Miss Global to the fullest, the performance of models and artworks were also highlighted in the press conference.

Women beyond beauty

Mr. Henri Hubert, creative director of Le Nom Vietnam, the organizer of Miss Global 2023 shared: "Miss Global will be Vietnam's annual international event starting from 2023. This will go above and beyond a usual beauty contest, and will emphasize how beauty can contribute to the development of society and to the whole world. It will also be referred to as an enchanted event with unique ideas and interesting concepts through splendid visuals and performances. This is the golden opportunity to showcase Vietnam's values, beauty and culture, to bring Vietnam closer to the world and vice versa."

Mr. Keita S. Cheick (third from the left) and the panel of Organizer of Miss Global 2023
Mr. Keita S. Cheick (third from the left) and the panel of Organizer of Miss Global 2023

In Miss Global 2023, the journey of the contestants will be published as a documentary series and will be premiered widely around the world. This is also the first and only beauty pageant to be broadcast live by AXN Asia - an Asia's leading English-language general entertainment channel.

Source: Le Nom Vietnam