Woodies (R) Safe Dreams Gets on Board AR-commerce With Reetail:AR

2020-06-02 15:30 567

WARSAW, Poland, June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Poland-based augmented reality (AR) start-up Reetail:AR has unveiled its AR-commerce solution, along with a partnership with fellow Polish baby furniture brand Woodies® Safe Dreams.

Reetail:AR designed its solution to help e-commerce retailers to blur the line between offline and online shopping. In this partnership, Reetail:AR serves as a channel for Woodies® to deploy WebAR technology for AR projections of the Star Cot, the 2-in-1 Hampton Cot Bed, and a popular model from the limited edition Noble Cot Vintage.

Much like IKEA Place and Houzz, Reetail:AR helps to combat the drawback of online shopping -- the inability to experience products in person. With Reetail:AR, brands and retailers can present a 360° view of their goods and the ability to "place" items in the real world (with size to scale) to visualize the look and fit. Reetail:AR is easily accessible via web browsers, which works well to overcome the fact that shoppers are reluctant to download individual apps from brands and retailers.

Riding the Influencer Wave

The safe, cozy, and high quality cots from Woodies®(manufactured in accordance to EN Standards) have caught the attention of well-known mothers, including Aleksandra Żuraw, Sylwia Przybysz and even Anna Lewandowska. The parents community on Instagram also eagerly marks the brand's layettes as must-have products.

Reetail:AR wants to familiarize the furniture, electronics & home appliances industries with the opportunities that AR offers and decided to work with Woodies® to take advantage of the huge popularity and create a 3D model of the Noble Cot Vintage--the same one that Anna Lewandowska chose for her newborn baby--and two other flagship products.

Woodies® knows that the implementation of augmented reality is the next step in the development of Shopping Experience  and plans to implement AR for all its products.

Embracing AR in the Face of a Global Pandemic

Not only is AR an exciting element sought after by millennials, the integration of AR onto e-commerce sites ensures continuous engagement with consumers in an era of isolation.

Due to the inability to visit showrooms under the COVID-19 circumstances, live AR projections can be used to support customers through the decision-making process as they shop online. A simplified decision-making process increases the likelihood of purchase by 86% (survey conducted by Gartner), increases confidence in purchases and reduces the chances of product returns. AR has now become an indispensable tool for a business' survival.

About Reetail:AR

Reetail:AR is an e-commerce augmented reality (AR) solution that allows online shoppers to fully interact with products on e-commerce websites remotely. The digital solution is WebAR-based, globally available, and easily scalable to collaborate with businesses of all sizes.

About Woodies®

Woodies®, functional design at a global level. Polish cots, designed and manufactured under strict supervision, certified in terms of safety and quality. Looking for ever newer and innovative solutions, the Woodies® brand also designs unique cot models, the originality of which is confirmed by patent applications and numerous awards.

Source: Reetail:AR