Wowstar Creative Entertainment Announces Strategic Investment In Urban Anti-terrorism Action Blockbuster "Shock Wave 2"

Wowstar Creative Entertainment Co., Ltd.
2019-05-21 13:15 1822

HONG KONG, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Wowstar Creative Entertainment, one of the most rapidly growing diversified entertainment and performance companies in the Asia-Pacific region, recently announced its strategic investment in the urban anti-terrorism action blockbuster Shock Wave 2, produced by and starring Andy Lau. In addition to Andy Lau, the lead actor, the film also stars Sean Lau and Ni Ni, ensuring the strength and popularity of the lineup.

Press Photo of Shock Wave 2 Press Conference
Press Photo of Shock Wave 2 Press Conference

Gloria Wei, CEO of Wowstar Creative Entertainment, attended the film wrap-up press conference of Shock Wave 2 in Hong Kong recently. At the event, she talked about the investment, saying: "We are very pleased to be able to participate in the production of Shock Wave 2, a film for the global Chinese market, in the form of a joint investment. The film is an indispensable part for Wowstar Creative Entertainment's portfolio as the firm evolves into a world-class entertainment company. Looking ahead, we plan to collaborate with more industry partners to jointly produce and release more films that attract both Chinese and non-Chinese audiences through the integration of resources, with the goal of bringing joy, satisfying dreams and delivering a wonderful entertainment experience to more people."

"Wowstar Creative Entertainment has a core team of veterans from different industries," said Harry Wang, Global Branding and Marketing Director of Wowstar Creative Entertainment. "We hope to share our understanding of innovation, entertainment, new technology and marketing, as well as the resources we have in different business sectors, with more people in the film and entertainment industry, so as to create more new opportunities for development and more value for our shareholders," he added.

Shock Wave 2 is produced by Universe Entertainment Ltd. and Beijing Alibaba Pictures Co., Ltd., co-produced by Wowstar Creative Entertainment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yingming Culture Communication Co., Ltd., L.R. Culture & Media Group and Yingyi Entertainment Co., Ltd. The film, backed by an investment of over 280 million yuan is directed by and stars Andy Lau, and directed by Herman Yau, with Sean Lau, Ni Ni, Tse Kwan Ho, Ma Yuke, Philip Keung and Timmy Hung in starring roles. The film was shot inside many of Hong Kong's iconic buildings, and is currently in post-production which is expected to take up to 10 months. Stay tuned.

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